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Nowadays, smartphones are more and more popular. Everyone has a phone with many great features. Besides, you always want to customize or do something for making the phone more beautiful. That is the reason why we share you with a great app for personalizing your phone, which is “Always on AMOLED (AOD)”. It was developed by newGen Mobile for smart mobile devices. The app has offered many options for you to customize and optimize your phone. In this article, we give you all the information about the app as well as provide the link to download Always on AMOLED PRO for Android. Let’s check it out right now!

Download Always on AMOLED Pro Apk for Android

Simple operation

With Always on AMOLED, users can easily monitor and control some advanced changes on the device. It is designed to work with 0% CPU and very low system resources. Meanwhile, your screen will be kept to control important information. Always on AMOLED will require some access to the system settings, from which it allows users to make better settings even if your device doesn’t have those settings.

Besides, with just the click, you can change your phone quickly as well as preview changes before deciding to change them or not. Also, the app’s customizations may be basic for high-end phones but it’s a surprise for many other devices. Users can try to experience and enjoy its unique features.

Download Always on AMOLED Pro Apk for Android

The key features of Always on AMOLED

  • Edge Curve: This is a special feature for square screen devices. If you have curved screen devices, it may have some small problems. But it will be interesting for the device to adjust the angle simply and quickly.
  • Watch Face: This feature will allow users to track the time and some information in hidden form. You will not need to turn on the device and still be able to keep track of notifications, statuses, etc. on the phone screen.
  • BackGround: This feature will provide the wallpaper for the Watch Face feature. This is not the BackGround of the phone screen so you won’t need to worry about your beautiful wallpaper being taken away when you make those changes.
  • Font Style: Always on AMOLED offers a lot of beautiful and unique fonts for you to apply. The words on your Watch Face will be changed quickly according to your settings. This is not the device’s font.
  • Date Style: Always on AMOLED offers some of the most popular date display modes in the world. It will help you show the time exactly according to your country’s style. Also, it will integrate quickly with the language on your device to give the most accurate suggestions.

In addition to the features I mentioned above, Always on AMOLED also brings a lot of other features for more intensive adjustments such as Service, Brightness control, Watchface customization, Edge Lighting Settings, AMOLED Color… You have access to Visit each section to bring out further customization your way.

Should we use Always on AMOLED PRO?

Always on AMOLED is available for free without advertising. It is a great thing for all users. Also, users can refer to a Pro package (paid package). In this version, you will be provided with many great features. If you want a phone that looks newer, more beautiful and more impressive, Always on AMOLED PRO will be a good choice. However, many people who do not have a VISA card to be able to pay for this PRO version. therefore, we will provide a better solution so that everyone can experience this PRO version for free on your Android phone. Please go to the next section to learn how to download and install Always on AMOLED PRO for free.

Download Always on AMOLED Pro Apk for Android

How to download and install Always on AMOLED Pro APK [Unlocked] for Android for free?

Always on AMOLED Pro will not be available as the free version. Players will need to search for it on the Internet and download it manually with APK file. There will be many websites sharing it but you may access some fake files that endanger your phone. In this article, we share you with Always on AMOLED Pro in this secure link. Please go to the end of this article to download it. After that, you can refer to the installation steps below:

  • Uninstall old version and free version on your phone
  • Click Always on AMOLED Pro APK file and select “Install”.
  • If your device may ask for permission to install from an unknown source. Please agree and follow the instructions and activate for Always on AMOLED.
  • Come back to the installation interface again and click “Install”.


Always on AMOLED is a great app for Android phone users, which offers many powerful capabilities that help users change their style and create new things. Besides, Always on AMOLED Pro is the premium version. You can download it to enjoy the advanced features right now. If you have any idea about the app, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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