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Apple Music is a popular online music application developed for many different platforms. It brings true listening experience and modern music trends. Today, we would like to give you all the information about the app, such as key features and the way to download. Please join us to check it right now!

About Apple Music

Download Apple Music Premium Apk Mod for Android

Apple Music is an extremely successful product from the developer Apple. As soon as it was available in the app market, it has been a direct competitor to many other music applications like Spotify Premium. By 2020, Apple Music has had over 100 million users in more than 100 licensed countries. Currently, Apple Music is available for all devices that Apple produces. In addition, Apple also wants to expand its market share and attract more users to their products. So they also created an app for your Android device or PC. Besides, diversifying the Apple Music platforms is also part of Apple’s branding strategy. In this article, we will give readers all the information about Apple Music on Android phones.

Quality music application on Android

Apple Music is not only a well-optimized application for iOS but also very good for Android. When choosing to use Apple Music, users can automatically access the Apple online music store. Users can listen to any songs with just a simple click. The songs that you enjoy are at the highest quality and absolutely guarantee the legal content. Besides, many singers and musicians choose to work with Apple Music to release their latest songs. So you can subscribe to them to get the latest information.

Also, Apple Music will keep track of the latest songs, the most popular songs, the charts in countries and more. Besides, it has unique collections of music topics, radios, mood music… Users can easily access anything to satisfy their passion.

Moreover, Apple Music continues to conquer users with a perfect music interface. Songs are played with an intuitive interface, images and progress bars so you can adjust easily. Also, users can transfer, repeat or shuffle the songs. Apple Music also allows users to interact with songs by dropping a heart, rating or even streaming them to a device supported by Apple Music.

Download Apple Music Premium Apk Mod for Android

Huge music store

With the goal of becoming a leading online music application in the world, Apple Music did not hesitate to invest much effort to get a diverse music collection. They have collaborated with many studios to record high-quality music, as well as contacted musicians and singers to obtain legal rights to all the songs. You will find almost every song you know about in this app. Moreover, Apple Music also allows users to create their favorite albums or playlists. You just need to find songs to add them to your playlist. Then, they will always be available for you to listen to.

Download your favorite songs

Apple Music is not only an online application but it also supports offline listening. Users can download the songs you want without an internet connection. However, the songs you download will be used for personal use only. If you share or sell them, you are in the copyright violation. You will be responsible for those actions. Besides, when you delete the Apple Music app from your phone or log out of your Apple account from the app, the songs you downloaded will disappear. It is for avoiding unauthorized music leakage.

Well-synchronized with Apple devices

The ecosystem of Apple devices is very diverse, including computers, tablets, watches, headsets, CarPlay, Sonos, Apple TV, etc. The Apple Music application can work on those devices so the compatibility between them is excellent. If you download a song on this device, it will also appear on every device you are using (with your Apple account). However, you can only listen on an account that is logged on to the device for a certain time. If you want to listen to music on more than one device, you have to upgrade the Apple Music Premium family packages.

Download Apple Music Premium Apk Mod for Android


Should we use Apple Music Premium?

Currently, Apple Music is offering some premium packages for users, including student package, individual package and family packages. The price for each package and the support for listening on the device will be different. Apple Music Premium will have the following great features that you should also refer to before deciding to use or not:

  • Listen to music unlimited
  • Download and listen to all the songs offline
  • Extract, sync and upload your playlists to iCloud
  • Skip unlimited for Apple Music radio stations
  • The ability to comment, favorite, play and save content
  • Access to suggestions and playlists created and managed by Apple Music.

Through the above great features, any music lover wants to own an Apple Music Premium account. It will definitely bring great music experiences to help users relax and entertain the best on Android phones.


Overall, Apple Music is a great music app, which offers high-quality music services. Also, the app is provided by a well-known developer with many advanced features. Currently, readers can download Apple Music Premium APK with the link at the end of this article. It will provide you full premium features for free. Have fun!

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