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Canva MOD APK v2.159.0 [Premium Unlocked] Download

Canva Premium APK v2.159.0 [MOD, Unlocked]

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Canva: Graphic Design, Video, Invite & Logo Maker is a great entertainment and design app for all mobile users. It is one of the most successful applications with over 50 million downloads. So far, Canva is highly appreciated. Therefore, it will continue to be developed and updated to bring the latest features to users. Canva is very useful in editing photos, videos, creating stories and doing many other interesting things. Besides, the app is updated regularly for providing many great improvements for users. In this article, we give you all the information about Canva and provide the link to download its modified version named Canva Premium APK for Android phones. Please join us to check it right now!

What is Canva?

It is very difficult to say exactly what Canva is. However, you can understand that this is a multifunctional graphic design application. Users can use it to edit videos, create Instagram stories, create videos, stitch and edit photos, logos, posters and more. Because of the multifunction characteristic of Canva, it has become a regular application on most smartphones. Also, Canva has a surprisingly simple operation. Even if you are an amateur user, you can use its features simply and easily. However, if you are looking for something more intensive, you can find many photo editing, video editing, or story creating apps on our website.

Download Canva Premium Apk Mod for Android

Edit photos and videos

Canva brings you many advanced features to edit photos and videos in a new way. You will not need to sit for hours with complex tools and learn how to make them work. Its developer has made effective edits so that users can eliminate almost complicated operations. When you open it up, you will quickly see the suggestions available for your work. At this point, users just quickly select and apply to photos and videos to instantly see the change. That will save you more time and focus on getting your work quickly. Although the editing process of photos and videos is quick, the quality of the designs is always guaranteed. Everything has been updating regularly, following the trends of the world.

Creating the story

Instagram is a popular social network, which is the best place for users to share photos and short videos. Also, many interesting apps are specializing in creating great stories to share on Instagram every day. Canva is such an interesting app. It provides almost necessary features for users to create a professional story. Moreover, Canva also helps users on other social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter… It is definitely a great choice for users who want to create unique stories.

Diverse topics

Canva is well received by many users because it offers 60,000 free templates for users to choose from. This is an impressive number for a video creating apps. It has made a breakthrough in exploiting and combining those patterns. You can search for patterns by a specific topic to give stories matching your purpose such as congratulations, holidays, announcements, etc.

Download Canva Premium Apk Mod for Android

Text support

Using Canva to write stories and status will be indispensable with the text support. Canva has lots of text templates to match the topics in the application. Users can select and apply available templates or create a new one. In which, Canva will have more than 500 different options related to the text on the application such as color, size, spacing, position, font style… The combination of topics and text is enough, making the users’ creativity fly far in the design.

Canva for everyone

Canva is a friendly application aimed at all types of mobile users. It supports a lot of advanced features but its usage is simple. You can design logos, book covers, Evites for projects or events easily. Besides, Canva can also be used by businesses in editing profiles, presentations or making quality advertising posters.

What’s in Canva Premium?

Canva is a free app that everyone can download from the mobile store. That also means you are using a free version with many limitations. Canva Premium version is a more advanced version, which provides you more advanced features. Of course, you have to pay for this. Canva Premium users can receive quality themes, images, fonts. You can download a variety of quality wallpapers throughout and Canva Premium will support you on any device. You only need to login to your Premium account to start its features on any device. Currently, the price to register the app’s Premium version will be quite high at $ 10/month and $ 90/year.

Download Canva Premium Apk Mod for Android


Canva is a great application, which has a variety of features in designing impressive stories. However, the Premium version requires users to pay for it. Therefore, we would like to share Canva Premium for free in this article. Readers can click the link below to download the application’s APK file and install it as usual. If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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