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Tencent is a giant in the mobile game production market. Many of their games have made the trend worldwide. Recently, the players in the world like the games with the gameplay combined with chess styles like Auto Chess Mobile or Dota Underlords. Therefore, Tencent also wants to have a market share in this hot game segment. They have just launched the latest game called Chess Rush. It is now available for mobile phones.

Chess Rush was released not too early compared to other games from other developers. However, it has been carefully invested in the gameplay, elaborate graphics and integrates with a lot of interesting features. In the game, players will continue to experience the strategy battles with beautiful effects. In this article, we would like to give you all the information about the game as well as provides you with the link to download it for free.

Download Chess Rush APK for Android

The gameplay

Chess Rush still retains the style of other games of the same genre but is still quite new to many people. At the beginning of the game, you will have 2 gems to buy the heroes. After that, you can drag them to an 8×8 chessboard to fight. Each player will have 100 blood points. When you lose the game, the blood will be deducted depending on the seriousness. In the first three rounds, you will fight monsters to gain experience, Gems and equipment. You will get more or less depending on your luck. After that, you can use what you collected to upgrade and buy more generals to continue for the next PvP rounds.

In addition, Chess Rush includes a lot of different fights with both monsters and other players. You need to constantly give tactics and organize your team to win the opponent. Combining heroes into the same class will help you activate the hidden stats and increase their strength. These tactics require research and experience through many games. An experience for you to compete more effectively is to never rush to spend the gems you earned. Instead, you should accumulate them. The more gem you accumulate, the more Gems you will gain after each game.

Download Chess Rush APK for Android

The hero system

In the test version, Chess Rush offers more than 50 different heroes divided into 12 different classes such as Human, Elf, Beast… They are also arranged into 9 different classes such as Assasin, Warrior, Rider… Although the number of heroes is small, there are many clan owners and class characters. However, there will be character classes with no heroes. This will be a small minus point for the game. Maybe Tencent developer is quite eager to launch this game to compete with rivals. In the future, the game’s story will be written further with the additional special heroes. It will surely make the game more diverse.

The graphics

While other chess games focused on building strong and powerful characters, Chess Rush went in a different direction. It will be built with a fantasy style. The heroes will come out from a fairytale that looks very beautiful and lovely. Also, the image quality will be at the highest level with crisp and vivid images. You can even see the grass around the chessboard moving smoothly in the wind. In addition, Chess Rush also invested a lot in the skill effect. They will be quite grandiose, bringing a sense of authentic fighting feeling to players. There are also a few points that may make the player unsatisfied like not showing damage during the fight.

Download Chess Rush APK for Android

Download and install Chess Rush APK for Android

Currently, Chess Rush is in the testing process for most countries in the world. You can easily download it from stores that offer mobile games. However, many players will have problems with mobile stores, or this game is not available in some countries. You should not worry about this because you can still download the latest Chess Rush version right in this article. Please make sure your network connection is stable during the download process. After that, you can refer to the steps below to install Chess Rush APK:

  1. Remove the old version of the game if it is available.
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources: Phone settings – Security – Turn on “Unknown sources”.
  3. Click the Chess Rush APK file and select “Install” to start the installation process.


Overall, Chess Rush is a great game with a good investment by Tencent. It focuses on the most trending mobile gaming at the moment. It will be the most successful game in the future. Let’s try Chess Rush and let us know your evaluation. If you love this game, please share it with your friends to join attractive matches for more fun. Please visit our Blog regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have a fun game!

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