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Fap CEO is an attractive game in the idle management genre. You will become a prominent CEO in business by providing online video chat services for everyone. In the game, your company is growing with the charm of beautiful employees. Right now, your work will be extremely busy in building and developing the company. You will receive a lot of bonuses and affection from the friendly staff. In this article, we will give you all the information about the game and provide the link to download Fap CEO (MOD, Unlimited Money) for your Android phone. Please join us to check it right now!

About Fap CEO

Fap CEO is developed by BoomBox and released by Nutaku. This game was released at the end of 2018 with many languages ​​like English, German, France… Also, this game is available on many different platforms so that players can feel free to experience its fascinating features. With Fap CEO, players can challenge themselves in buying, selling and growing studios. Besides, you have to hire sexy girls to work for the company. During the game, you can chat with them for exclusive stories or flirt with those beautiful girls.

Download Fap CEO Mod Apk for Android

Simple gameplay

Fap CEO has the same playing style as many other idle games on Android phones. It will simulate a small company with a few desks and some girls to supply video chats service. The player starts the business of a manager of the company. In which, your task is to build a workspace and recruit many good employees. Your company’s customers are men who seek pleasure in life by talking and exchanging. Therefore, you must remember that the girls who are your employees must be beautiful. If you are new to Fap CEO and are wondering where to start, please consult the help of the assistant girl named Amber. You should follow her guidelines to grow your company in the best way.

Become the richest CEO in the world

Fap CEO brings pleasure in meeting and chatting with hot girls. However, you have not to forget the mission of making money to grow the company. That will prove you are a talented SEO. Moreover, the more money a player made, the more they can expand the company. Also, the more money you spend, the more you will attract hot girls.

Selection of the hottest girls

Your company only recruits the hottest girls to work. They will engage in video chats with customers to make a profit for the company. Players cannot only hire girls but also train them to have the most engaging conversations. These girls will almost always work to make money for you. Even if you exit the game, you will have money. In Fap CEO, each girl has a different appearance that brings great feelings to any boss.

Download Fap CEO Mod Apk for Android

Flirting and chatting

In Fap CEO, to become a boss, you need to communicate regularly with girls via email. Then, you can learn more about them and take this conversation even further. These girls will talk more and more open to you or they can even send you selfies. After that, you can start a relationship with one or more girls in the company. Do not forget to regularly give them valuable gifts to create more fun.

Upgrade and unlock

To grow your company, you need to do more than you think. You have to try your best to expand the company with hundreds of girls and loads of money. By upgrading things, you can make more money. Sometimes, when your company has reached the limit, you can also sell your existing company to move to a bigger place. However, you will have to restart your work with more difficult milestones. After you reach the necessary levels, you can unlock special items for decorating the office or improving work efficiency.

Quality graphics

BoomBox is a Japanese developer. Also, Fap CEO is developed in Manga and Anime style. Although the app is built on the traditional 2D platform, the images are beautiful with many hot girls. Besides, your girls also have extremely sweet voices. Gamers will surely spend hours looking and chatting with your favorite girls.

Download Fap CEO Mod Apk for Android

Fap CEO MOD (Money) for Android

Fap CEO is a great game for employers who want to find pleasure in companies. However, the original version of the game will probably cost you a lot of time and money. Many people want to speed up the game progress and speed so they came up with the optimal solution that is the MOD version. The mod version provides gamers with lots of gold and diamonds right from the beginning of the game.


Overall, Fap CEO is an attractive game built and developed by famous developers. This game is inspired by idle games but is added with beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. However, Fap CEO also has some sensitive images so make sure you are old enough to play it. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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