The 16 best free Movies Download Websites [2020 Update]

The 16 best free Movies Download Websites

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Watching movies is always a big demand for many users today. At the moment, there are many websites offering this service. However, it makes you confused to quickly approach the latest, best and most attractive movies. Besides, many people also want to download movies to watch them in their free time or without an internet connection. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best quality websites for downloading movies worldwide.

I can list 50, 100 or more free movie download sites. But I will choose quality rather than quantity. Therefore, I will only mention the most effective and most popular websites. Most websites that I will tell are the following torrent sites (not all). If you are using a smartphone, it is even easier because we shared uTorrent Pro with all the features for you to download movies.

Torrents will sometimes be banned in some countries. Therefore, you may not be able to see the necessary Torrent links to download the movie for free. You can use Proxy sites to use anonymous sites.

The 16 best free Movies Download Websites

The list of free movie downloads website 2019

1, Yify Movies

  • Advantages: This website is very well designed, which is optimized for most devices. You can see the full range of movie reviews like most likes, critics, or IMDb scores… This is also a torrent site to download movies in high quality and quickly.
  • Disadvantages: Yify Movies has Pop-up ads. You will take about one to two ad views to download your favourite movie. However, that is acceptable. You need to make sure you know how to use a VPN to use this site anonymously in countries that prohibit the torrent.

2, HdPopcorns

  • Advantages: HdPopcorns are also very well designed and easy to see. You can easily select your favourite movie by finding them in the searching bar. Besides, all movies are provided with high quality (720p or 1080p) with full information.
  • Disadvantages: You need to see some ads before seeing the link to download the favourite movies. This site also requires the use of VPN in some countries that limit downloading the torrent.

3, 1337x

  • Advantages: This is a famous website, which offers a lot of attractive movies. Besides, it also has a long list of apps, games, music and many other categories for you to choose from and download for free. Also, 1337x has many different options and links to download.
  • Disadvantages: There are Pop-up ads but at a reasonable density. There are some adult contents that you should consider before visiting.

4, Filmyanju

  • Advantages: This website has a friendly and easy-to-see interface. If you are Indian, you will love this site because it has many Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil and Pakistan movies. You also have two types of download options: Torrent and Magnet.
  • Disadvantages: There are not many English movies. Instead, you can find many hottest movies. Pop-up ads will sometimes appear.

5, Katcr

  • Advantages: This app has nice interface with full movie information including introductions, photos and multiple links to download movies. Besides, movies are mainly in English. There are charts to refer to the most interesting movies in the app.
  • Disadvantages: Some Pop-up ads can annoy you. There are also adult movies that you should consider before visiting.

6, Thepiratebay

  • Advantage: This is the oldest site in torrent history and it is still growing very strong. The site offers a full range of the latest and most interesting movies.
  • Disadvantages: You will encounter a bit of initial difficulty to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of this site. There are few ads but it will still bother you. Besides, you can also see adult movies here.

7, Popcornflix

  • Advantages: There are no annoying ads on this platform. Besides, the website interface is friendly and easy to use. Many users love using Popcornflix because it is legal, so they can freely download movies without worry about the prohibition.
  • Disadvantages: Some movies will not be available in your country and this problem I have also encountered. Popcornflix does not share many blockbusters and attractive movies because of copyright reasons.

8, HotStar [India only]

  • Advantages: HotStar is a great site for Bollywood movie lovers. Nearly all of the fascinating Indian films will be available at this site. The number of monthly visitors is up to several tens of millions. Besides, the app has no annoying ads, nice interface and simple usage.
  • Disadvantages: HotStar is only for users in India. If you want to see movies here, you need to change your IP address.

9, Netflix paid

  • Advantages: Surely, Netflix is ​​the leading website to watch movies. Billions of users visit this site every month to see the latest and coolest movies. You can watch movies for free or pay for watching.
  • Disadvantages: You may have to pay to download movies. Advertising is available in the free version.

10, TorrentD Download

  • Advantages: There are many new and exciting movies updated regularly. Besides, many links and different download types are suitable for all users. There are many types of movies, music, books, TV Shows, etc. for you to choose from.
  • Disadvantages: The user interface is simple. Pop-up ads are also somewhat annoying for users.

11, Zoogle

  • Advantages: Many new movies constantly updated. Besides, there are a lot of download links with different types like movies, TV Shows, games, music… with 720p or 1080p quality.
  • Disadvantages: Many redirect ads are annoying to users. The website interface is also quite difficult for newbies.


  • Advantages: This app is simple and easy to use. There are many new movies updated daily with different genres like movies, music, games, TV Shows…
  • Disadvantages: Many Pop-up ads annoy the user’s experience. Movie titles that have not been set properly that makes it difficult to find.

13, Extratorrent

  • Advantages: There are many new movies and old movies updated daily. There are many different categories provided such as movies, games, software, images…
  • Disadvantages: The app is difficult to use for newbies. Many Pop-up ads redirect annoying.

14, Limetorrents

  • Advantages: The interface is designed to be simple and easy to use. Hundreds of new and old movies are updated daily with various links to choose from and download quickly.
  • Disadvantages: The app contains the ads, which affects the user’s experience.

15, Torrentz2

  • Advantages: This is not really a link sharing site. It includes all links from other sharing sites. Torrentz2 can provide up to 60 different websites with links for you to download.
  • Disadvantages: The interface is quite hard to use for newbies. You need to know the name of the thing you need to search in order to see them.

16, Torlock

  • Advantages: Many new movies and old movies are constantly updated. Various categories for users to search and download such as movies, games, TV Shows, … Besides, the simple and easy to use interface is the plus point of this website. Moreover, you can detect fake files and report to the community to receive rewards.
  • Disadvantages: Ads that appear with average frequency are also annoying. There may be sexual ads.

The 16 best free Movies Download Websites


The above is the compilation of the best websites to download your favourite movies. Numbering is just an arrangement, not a complete ranking of websites. In addition, there will be many good websites that I have not mentioned here. If you know more sites, you can leave a comment below. I will leave a link to download this list as a Notepad file at the download link below. You can click on the link to download it to see if needed. Thank you very much!

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