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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a popular open-world role-playing game series from the developer Rockstar Games. GTA games always make all players excited about being transformed into thugs to do all the things they like. There have been many different versions of the GTA game series on multiple platforms such as PC, Console and mobile phones. Today, we would like to introduce to you an interesting game of this genre called GTA: Liberty City Stories. This will definitely be an exciting version for you. It will take you to the criminal world, in which many more new things are waiting for you.

The game background

GTA games always have a context built from certain cities. For GTA: Liberty City Stories, everything will happen in the unreal city of Liberty (modeled from New York City in the US). Here, vices and crime spread across the streets, weakening the economy. In addition, the aggressive development of criminal organizations has also caused people to face many dangers. As a guy, you will participate in looting, mugging, join underground organizations to assert your strength and name.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod Apk obb for Android

The story

Toni Cipriani was a murderer. After escaping, he returned to his hometown in Liberty City. Here, Toni Cipriani began to become a gangster and was working for boss Salvatore Leone. He was always loyal and excellent in completing many dangerous tasks. But the unfortunate thing happened to Toni Cipriani again when he was falsely accused of killing Leone’s son. Now, all the bosses are hunting him and even the police are looking for him everywhere. Liberty City is no longer a safe place for Toni Cipriani. However, he still had to preserve his life and find out who had blamed him.

Attractive gameplay

GTA: Liberty City Stories is set in an open world environment with a 3rd perspective. In which, players can freely adventure and explore like walking in a real city. Besides, the game gives you a detail instruction system, allowing players to understand how to control the character. Next, players can start with a few simple tasks like meeting a few friends in the city. After that, you can go to more complex tasks such as fighting bosses, racing or shooting. GTA: Liberty City Stories is a free game. If you do not like doing tasks, you can walk around the streets and explore fun things. Remember, if you choose the life of a gangster, you will face many dangers. Anyway, you should use the skills you have learned in life to protect yourself.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod Apk obb for Android

Vehicles and weapons

GTA: Liberty City Stories also has similarities with many other GTA games in terms of providing lots of vehicles and weapons. First, talking about cars, the player can see many types of vehicles moving around on the street. You can get any car you like by stealing or looting. Then, you can create car races on the streets. Besides, GTA: Liberty City Stories will have a lot of special weapons such as pistols, rifles… It is like a shooting game with the ability to use a variety of weapons from characters. You can pick up the guns on the road or buy them from the store.

The quality graphics

GTA: Liberty City Stories is designed on a beautiful 3D platform. The characters and the context are built in detail and meticulously, making players feel lost in the real city. The main color tone of the game is quite bleak, not very colorful. It is somewhat suitable for the context of the city, but it will make the game feel pale. GTA: Liberty City Stories also has many different perspectives. They are very flexible to support the playing process. Besides, GTA: Liberty City Stories also has a lot of special effects such as a light, explosion…

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod Apk obb for Android

How to download GTA: Liberty City Stories APK?

GTA: Liberty City Stories is a quality game. However, you have to pay to download it. Currently, the price to own this game on Google Play is about $ 4.2. It is an extremely good price compared to the fun that this game can bring to you. Besides, we also share this game for free with the link at the bottom of the post for those who have trouble downloading GTA: Liberty City Stories from the store. Readers need to download two files, including APK and OBB data to install this game.

How to install GTA: Liberty City Stories with OBB for Android

If you have chosen to download this game by using the links we provide at the end of this article, you need to know how to install it with APK and OBB files. This setup will not be as easy as installing from Google Play but it is not too difficult. Please see the instructions below:

  1. After downloading the APK and OBB files on your device, you need to move the OBB file to the path “Phone/Android/obb” on your phone’s memory.
  2. Extract the OBB file and get a big directory, in which there is a subdirectory named “com.rockstargames.gtalcs”. Now, you need to move the subfolder out of the large folder and go to the path in step 1.
  3. Go back and find the game’s APK file. After that, you click on the APK file and proceed with the installation.
  4. After completing the game installation, you can delete the OBB Zip file to reduce device memory.


Overall, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is one of the best GTA games for mobile phones. It has many good features that make it a lot of fun for players. GTA: Liberty City Stories will continue updating to newer versions in the future so don’t forget to follow our article to get the fastest download of its APK and OBB files. Thank you and have fun!

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