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Action is always a popular game genre. At the moment, we can see many different action types, in which the PvP mode is the most interesting. Today, we would like to introduce to you a new game from WolfFun developer called Heroes Strike. It has exciting and intense PvP matches in the MOBA style. The game promises to be a trending game. Heroes Strike will have many interesting points that gamers are interested in. Please join us to check the game right now!

The intensive Fight

In Heroes Strike, the player controls one of the special characters provided. Players will control that character fights with many different opponents in fast matches. Your main task is to coordinate with your teammates to destroy as many enemies as possible. Besides, gamers will need to move to dodge and take advantage of the terrain to hide. After that, you can use the skill to constantly attack the enemy until they are defeated. To use the skill, players will need healing energy points. The stronger the skill is, the more energy point it will consume. Also, your character can get experience to level up, and skill points to improve the skill for more power.

Download Heroes Strike Mod Apk for Android

Attractive game mode

Heroes Strike has a lot of attractive game modes that PvP MOBA game lovers expect. They are Solo (Battle Royale, Rise of Kings), Dual (Battle Royale), 3vs3 (SuperStar), 4vs4 (SuperStar, Death Match). The game modes in Heroes Strike are sorted by seasons and are ranked according to different levels such as bronze, silver, gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Champion. At the end of the season, the player will also receive attractive rewards corresponding to the level they have got. In addition, players can also earn additional rewards by collecting keys in the match. If you have 100 keys, you can open a battle chest with many attractive gifts.

Hero and skill

Heroes Strike has a diverse and creative heroes and skills system. First, the heroes will be designed with many different styles and also different powers. Players can refer to parameters such as a general attack, attack speed, movement speed and health. Based on that, players can choose the character that suits your style and game mode. Besides, the skill section is also something worth evaluating with nearly 20 unique skills for players to choose from. In each match, the player can bring 2 skills. Heroes and skills can be unlocked and upgraded by collecting tokens.

Download Heroes Strike Mod Apk for Android

Beautiful design

For PvP game lovers, you have probably heard of Brawl Star. In terms of design, Heroes Strike and Brawl Star have great similarities. The characters are very well designed with bright colors and nice shape. Also, the battle maps are modern, and the fighting skills are very prominent and better than the game Brawl Star. Of course, each game will have its own strengths and interesting points. But you should still try Heroes Strike for a more exciting experience about PvP matches.


Overall, Heroes Strike is a new game based on an old idea. However, the developer WolfFun has made it more attractive and outstanding than other games of the same genre. Readers can download Heroes Strike at the link below. Don’t forget to leave your review or share the game if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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