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Naruto is a famous Japanese manga series written by Masashi Kishimoto. It is about a young ninja who dreams of becoming a Hokage. The story of Naruto has become famous worldwide with many game cartoon series. Also, many mobile game developers have come up with ideas for creating Naruto games. Today, we want to introduce to you an interesting game about this character named Konoha Ultimate Storm. This promises to be a fascinating game, which will bring you new and exciting stories through the most spectacular Ninja matches. Please join us to check it out right now!

Interesting gameplay

Konoha Ultimate Storm is a very attractive action role-playing game. At the beginning of the game, you need to create a special character in this story. That character will go with you on the long journey in the Ninja world. After entering the game, you will see a large world with many players and missions. You have to develop a strong Ninja team. In Konoha Ultimate Storm, the match is the turn-based and tactical style. You can collect up to 6 Ninja to participate in the match. During the battle, the Ninja will in-turn attack the opponent and vice versa. The match will end when the ninjas of either team are completely defeated. Moreover, gamers need to pay more attention to tactics on controlling elements including Wind, Lightning, Water, Earth and Fire. These factors will counteract each other.

Download Konoha Ultimate Storm Mod Apk for Android

Missions and challenges

For an online role-playing game like Konoha Ultimate Storm, players will have a lot of things to do. You will be able to explore the story of each Ninja to practice tactics and collect rewards. As you increase the level, you can unlock more other game modes such as Ninja Tower, Ninja Drill… Besides, Konoha Ultimate Storm also has many daily events with amazing rewards.

Many ninjas, equipment and skills

Konoha Ultimate Storm has up to 100 Ninja that you can hire. Gamers must gather them into the squad and develop them to strengthen your team. Besides, skills are indispensable for these Ninja. You will need to upgrade their level to unlock more skills. Also, gamers can study these skills to learn how to coordinate them with your squad. Your Ninja also has a lot of unique equipment, which you can collect during the game to increase their strength and ability.

Download Konoha Ultimate Storm Mod Apk for Android

Beautiful design

In Konoha Ultimate Storm, gamers can see many familiar and impressive images. The Ninja is shaped similar to the cartoons that you often watch. Besides, the locations and landscapes are lively with buildings, NPC and more. Also, Konoha Ultimate Storm brings many beautiful effects and exciting sound. The things you see can make you recall a lot of fun memories about the world of the ninjas and the fascinating stories you have enjoyed.


Overall, Konoha Ultimate Storm is an attractive game for Naruto fans. It brings many advanced features with immersive style and attractive tactics. In this article, we also want to share you with the link to download Konoha Ultimate Storm APK for Android phones. Do not forget to share this game if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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