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Pokémon is a special kind of creature in the imagination of the creators. They have been associated with many people’s childhood through movies or games. Since 1996, many games involving Pokémon have been produced. Some games like Pokémon GO have achieved worldwide records. The development of the Pokémon community has made the developer feel that games lack cohesion. Recently, the official provider of Pokémon games, The Pokemon Company, has released an effective tool to help gamers manage all the Pokémon games that you have collected before. It is Pokemon HOME. Please join us to check it out right now!

What is Pokémon HOME?

Today, online data services, cloud sharing, online storage are not strange to everyone. It will be a place where every user easily keeps information, shares data and connects people. Pokémon HOME will be a miniature cloud service, which is under the control of The Pokemon Company. It is for those who play Pokémon games. When you play their games, you can collect attractive Pokémon. Sometimes, you want to have them in another game. You can transfer that Pokémon into the Pokémon HOME app and bring it to the game you want. Currently, Pokémon HOME is available on two platforms, including Switch and Mobile. However, you can only move the Pokémon on the same platform.

Download Pokémon HOME Apk Mod for Android

Exchange Pokémon with other players

If you are a longtime Pokémon collector, you will surely understand the joy of having your favorite Pokémon. However, you may not always get them easily. But there will be many other players around the world who can get the Pokémon you want. At this time, Pokémon HOME will use the Global Trade Station (GTS) feature to make your requests. Gamers will be brought to those who have the type of Pokémon you need. After that, you can give offers and exchange Pokémon or buy them. Besides, Room Trade and Wonder Box are two unique features, which enhance the trading ability of online players or even offline.

Full Pokédex

If you have ever played Pokémon, you will probably see or hear of Pokédex. This feature may or may not be in your games. However, the Pokémon HOME app will give you this feature’s detail. This is essentially an “Encyclopedia” about Pokémon. There will be complete information and details about the types of Pokémon in the games associated with Pokémon HOME. Although this feature will not be really useful, it will bring very good knowledge and satisfy the passion of discovery for all players.

Download Pokémon HOME Apk Mod for Android

What is Pokémon HOME Premium?

Pokémon HOME is a completely free application for everyone. But there will still be some features that require paying to be expanded. Currently, the Premium plan is selling for $ 2.99/month, $ 4.99/3 months and $15.99/year. When you own a Premium package, you will have many different privileges including using Pokemon Bank to move Pokemon, store up to 6000 Pokemon, up to 10 Pokemon in Wonder Box and 3 in GTS, Room Trade and Judge feature.


Pokémon HOME is a new and awesome application for Pokémon fans. It brings extremely quality features that help users create a diverse network of games from The Pokemon Company. It is even more interesting when you can collect, move and trade all your favorite Pokémon with others. In this article, we will provide you with the APK file of this application so that everyone can download it quickly and free. You can upgrade to Pokémon HOME Premium for more advanced features. Thanks and have fun!

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