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Listening to music has been an indispensable feature on mobile phones today. That becomes even more attractive when Android devices support users to listen to music with professional music players. In which, Poweramp Music is one of the best music players in the market. For those who regularly follow our website, you will know we have shared this app and updated it regularly. Today, we provide you with a similar app but with more interesting features, which is Poweramp V3 skin Yaps – Alternative. This is a special version improved by Poweramp lovers to bring more things to music fans. Please join us to check it right now!

Download Poweramp V3 skin Yaps - Alternative Apk for Android

What is Poweramp V3 skin Yaps?

Poweramp V3 skin Yaps is provided by the developer flyingdutchman. This is a team of music enthusiasts, which was born to build a more completed music experience on Android phones. They are working based on the source code of Poweramp to continue developing and creating the new app named Poweramp V3 skin Yaps. This is a new app Google Play. So far, it has won the hearts of many users with many advanced features. Currently, the app has two versions, including a free and a paid. If you want to get the Premium version, you should follow this article.

Improved user interface

Poweramp V3 skin Yaps will additionally display m3u and smb playlists on your phone. The menu of the playlist will be shown by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the screen. Also, users can easily set their images at the top of playlists. With just one click, you can easily select the images available on your phone and apply them immediately. Besides, Poweramp V3 skin Yaps also has quick query tools to help you access user and gallery pages by providing complete or incomplete detail, or mp3 tags. Despite only minor improvements, Poweramp V3 skin Yaps still provides a great experience for Poweramp lovers.

Compatible with Poweramp

If you have installed Poweramp V3 skin Yaps, this app will provide tags like ratings and playtime so you can create playlists from those features. Also, this app allows full playlist management so you do not need to create .m3u playlists to play in Poweramp. Especially for those who are worried about losing popular cards such as ratings and playing time, users can transfer them to Poweramp V3 skin Yaps with one touch. Even if you use another device, its settings will not be lost.

Download Poweramp V3 skin Yaps - Alternative Apk for Android

Export and import Poweramp ratings

Poweramp does not have a user rating backup feature. So many users have complained about the rating loss on forums when they change or upgraded device. Poweramp V3 skin Yaps will ensure to save your ratings by re-importing them with all your original ratings. Besides, you can also reset all your ratings back to 0 to start tracking from the beginning of every song.

Manage playlists

Poweramp V3 skin Yaps has a very unique feature that can create smb/cif playlists from music on the NAS or PC. They are quite similar to the m3u playlist type and are used to stream music on your phone or computer. You can edit playlists by arranging, adding or deleting songs. Also, you can copy or share your playlists with other users. You can also enter a list shared by others to quickly get the songs you want.

Card editor of MP3, M4A, Flac

Each song has a lot of info cards like title, artist, album and other track information. They are stored in the file. You can change them by editing directly on the files. After you change the parameters of the song, they can be put into different categories. That can be a bit difficult for you when you look for it in your playlist.

Download Poweramp V3 skin Yaps - Alternative Apk for Android

Additional support for music formats on Android

In addition to mp3 and flac formats, Poweramp V3 skin Yaps also supports the following formats: aa3, aac, aiff, ape, dfs, mp4, mpa, m4a, opus, ogg, pcm, wav, and wma. It can simply and smoothly handle any format you added. Supporting multiple formats will also be an advantage of the Poweramp V3 skin Yaps, which enhances the listening experience on Android.


Overall, Poweramp V3 skin Yaps is a great application for Android phones. It will be an alternative to the app Poweramp. This app has a more suitable price for everyone. However, if you are not ready to pay for this, we provide you with Poweramp V3 skin Yaps for free in this article. Readers can download its APK file at the link below and install as usual. After that, you will get all of those features for free. If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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