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Ragnarok CRUSH: Match 3 Puzzle is a new and exciting game for players who love solving puzzles. It brings colourful Match-3 game, in which players will discover an interesting story, the rich levels and cute Poring character. In addition, there will be the appearance of many special characters, monsters with unique powers for players to discover. This game is sure to be a great puzzle experience for fans of Ragnarok games.

Ragnarok CRUSH was developed and provided by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. It is popular for most mobile devices. This game is a novel idea about the topic of Ragnarok, which brings you a new gaming experience. In this article, we give you all the information about the game, as well as, we bring you the APK file of the game for free. You can also download its APK file right here.

Ragnarok CRUSH APK

The addictive Match-3 gameplay

Many people know that Candy Crush Saga is the most popular Match-3 game in the world. However, there are many interesting games of the same genre with more unique ideas, cute characters and attractive stories. Ragnarok CRUSH: Match 3 Puzzle is such a game, which is a special game developed around the Poring character in the journey of rescuing the Poring Boss. You have to find and match the same gems into vertical or horizontal rows. They will explode and create interesting effects to help players solve tasks.

During the game, your mission will not simply match the gems. You will also have to deal with super cool and lovely monsters, which you need to destroy to win the mission. Besides, there are a lot of different difficulties and challenges in the game but you will have help from the Poring characters, which has many different interesting abilities. They will help you blow up more diamonds that make you closer to victory. Ragnarok CRUSH is also a game that emphasizes tactics. In which, your moves are limited so you need to calculate the best way to match as many gems as possible.

Ragnarok CRUSH APK

The challenge in Ragnarok CRUSH

In each game, you will have to solve different tasks. Sometimes, they confuses the players. Please refer to the information below to win the tasks:

  • Box: You have to blow up the gems to open the wooden boxes. Sometimes, the game requires you to open certain wooden boxes.
  • Moving Poring: Sometimes, you will see Porings appear. You need to destroy gems to bring them to the bottom of the screen.
  • Gold Tablet: When you put gems on the yellow plates, you can cover the surrounding blocks with these plates.
  • Ice Floor: These ices will freeze precious stones or Poring. You need to break them to complete this task.
  • Blue Plants: These are opponents that appear in the game screen. You can only destroy them by connecting the gems around them.
  • King Poring: Rescuing Poring Boss by destroying gem boxes, in which you can match the gems around it.

How to create special gems in Ragnarok CRUSH

In Ragnarok CRUSH, there are many special gems but you will need to know how to create them. From there, they will help you better in completing the tasks. The following will be those special gems and how to create them:

  • Stripe Gem: They are made by connecting 4 gems of the same colour. You will receive immediately a special gem with the stripes. When this kind of gem exploded, it will help you destroy a horizontal or vertical row. To activate these gems to explode, you will have two ways: You can pair them normally with 2 other gems of the same type, or you can change the position of two stripe gems next to each other.
  • Poring explosive: It is formed by connecting 5 or more gems in the shape of T or L. It will explode a small area when you change its position with any stone around. That explosion will be larger when you change its position with other Explode gem.
  • Magic Medicine: It is made by combining 5 gems in a straight line. If you change its position with any gem, all gems of the same type in that stage will explode. Of course, Magic Medicine can be combined with precious Stripe gem and Explosive Poring.

Ragnarok CRUSH APK

Getting help from the Poring

You will encounter many different challenges in the game. At this point, you will need to help from the Poring with special powers. These are the strengths you can manually activate them to help you solve problems immediately.

  • Deviruchi: You will use it to explode selected gems and gems on all four sides in a straight line.
  • Savage Babe: Explode only one of your chosen gems.
  • Ghostring: Explode all the gems of the same colour in the stage immediately.

How to download and install Ragnarok CRUSH APK for free on Android

Ragnarok CRUSH is a free game. You can download it easily from Google Play. However, I also offer another solution for people in the country where this game is not available or there is an error downloading Ragnarok CRUSH from Google Play. You can download the APK file we provided at the end of this article. After that, you can refer to the steps to install it below:

  1. Download the latest APK file of Ragnarok CRUSH.
  2. Remove the old version of this game on your device.
  3. Allow installing games from unknown sources if this is the first time you install games outside of Google Play. Go to phone settings – Security – Activate “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Go to the folder containing the APK file of the downloaded game and click on it to start installing the game.
  5. Waiting for the installation process to complete and enjoy the game.


Ragnarok CRUSH is an especially attractive game. It is a completely new experience of the world of Ragnarok. You can play it anytime, anywhere without internet connection. It surely brings you more fun and laughter. Please leave a review below if you have any comments about this game. Don’t forget to visit our Blog regularly for more interesting games. Thanks and have a fun game!

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