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Remove China Apps is an emerging application in many countries such as India, Australia… It is a trend that is widely used by users as a boycott of applications from China. Today, we will introduce you to the information surrounding this app and how to download it for free. Please join us now!

How was Remove China Apps born?

Remove China Apps is an application developed by an Indian company OneTouch AppLabs. It was developed regarding China’s expansion in countries that share common borders like India. This application was born like a wave of protest coming from countries that want to oppose China.

Download Remove China Apps Apk for Android

Since its launch on Google Play, it has quickly achieved 5 million downloads and countless positive reviews. That is probably largely from the support of users of the countries involved. Besides, the developer OneTouch AppLabs said that Remove China Apps was made for the commercial. However, Google Play removed it from the store.

Shortly thereafter, a lot of users in India and other countries expressed disagreement with Google Play from removing the app from the store. However, Google still says that users can search this application on the internet, not in Google Play. Also, we are one of the people who oppose China’s expansionist thought so we want to share the free Remove China Apps APK here.

Why should we delete Chinese apps?

Recently, many application developers in China have been accused of collecting and processing user information for political purposes. That is completely different from other applications in the world. It has helped create waves of Chinese boycotts around the world. Moreover, some Chinese apps and games are made by stealing and copying from other developers. That is really serious copyright violation, which most of the users disagree.

Remove China Apps simple to use

In Remove China Apps, users can easily see how it works very simply. You just open the app and click on the “SCAN NOW” button to start searching the apps on your phone. After that, this app will quickly discover everything from Chinese products on your phone.

Soon, you can see the list of apps coming from China, which will be listed in order. A delete button with the trash icon will appear on the right side of the screen. At this point, users just need to click on it to delete all apps and games from China.

Download Remove China Apps Apk for Android

The key features

  • Does not require access: Remove China Apps does not need permission to access data, phone, location, etc. It works immediately so that users can find and delete Chinese applications.
  • No need to register: Remove China Apps does not require users to register or provide any personal information.
  • Fast and accurate scanning: This application allows users to find any applications and games related to China. Sometimes, you will find Chinese apps developed in other countries.
  • Small size: Remove China Apps with a size of only about 4 MB is extremely easy to download and install.
  • No ads: During the use of Remove China Apps, you will not encounter any annoying ads.

Download and install Remove China Apps APK for Android

  • Now I will share how you can download and install Remove China Apps for your phone. Please follow the steps below to complete your work:
  • First, go to the end of this article to download the APK file by clicking on the link provided by us.
  • Next, wait for the download to complete and you can click the APK file and select “Install” to install.
  • Finally, wait for the installation to complete to use the application.


Remove China Apps is a great app for those who want to remove apps. But deep inside it also expresses the meaning of expressing a personal point of view as well as the strength of the community. We will always say no to countries that want to use applications for their bad purposes and expansionism. Wish you have fun with this application.

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