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Shazam Encore APK v12.18.0-220331 [MOD/PAID] Download

Shazam Encore v12.18.0-220331 [MOD/PAID]

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Sometimes, you hear tunes on the internet but don’t know the name of the song. You really want to search for it without knowing what to do. Today, we would like to introduce to you an app called Shazam – Discover songs & lyrics in seconds. It is provided and developed by Apple, Inc. The app has many special features, which make users interested in. Besides, Shazam works simply and easily turns your phone into a top music search engine. Please join us to check the app right now!

About Shazam – Discover songs & lyrics in seconds

Shazam Encore is a mobile application that recognizes music and sounds around users. It is an extremely easy way for people to discover their favorite things around. Also, the app has a long history of connecting billions of people via music. Currently, Shazam is available on all mobile stores like Apple and Android. Users can easily download and use its advanced features for free.
In addition, Shazam has been operating since 2008 through SMS. In 2011, it was officially available on Google Play. Since then, Shazam Encore has always been an attractive music app for all artists to share their songs. Users only need to use Shazam to subscribe to the artists. After that, you will receive information about new songs at anytime, anywhere.

Download Shazam Mod Apk latest for Android

Searching for songs via melodies on Android

One of the best features of Shazam is the ability to search for music by melody. If you hear tunes anywhere, you just go ahead and launch the Shazam app on your phone. In the center of the phone screen, you will see an app icon and the words “Tap to Shazam”. That means you just need to tap the screen and point your phone towards the source of the sound. After that, the app will record the melody and search the song in the music system. The song you are looking for will quickly pop up with the title of the song, the artist. Even you can listen to a short segment to know that you have found the right song.

Also, Shazam becomes more special and convenient when users do not need to open it to use. Instead, you can turn on Auto Shazam mode to keep it working. Shazam will work in parallel with other applications with a pop-up window. Whenever you want to search for melodies on social networks like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok…, you can call the app simply. This approach of Shazam is quite similar to the app Musixmatch music Premium that we have introduced.

Music charts

Shazam provides users the statistical and music tracking information. It supports this service in many countries with hundreds of cities. The app will tell you which songs are popular with listeners and searchers. Besides, Shazam not only uses the data of its users but also other music applications like Spotify, Pandora and especially from Apple Music. Users will easily know which top 200 songs are popular just by selecting the country and city you want to follow.

Download Shazam Mod Apk latest for Android

Music library

In Shazam, the library will be a place to keep the tunes you have searched and recorded. It works quite similar to the library of other top music apps. You can categorize the songs you search by name, artist…After that, you can also listen to those tunes quickly. However, the app’s library will not sync songs available on your mobile device. Also, it is not possible to play these songs. You should find one of the music players we have introduced, such as Poweramp Full Unlocker, Stellio Player Premium


Shazam allows users to easily add listening songs to Apple Music or Spotify playlists. You can store those playlists and play back when using music players. Besides, the lyrics will be well synchronized in real time. Besides, Shazam allows users to login by email or Facebook account. If you choose to connect with Facebook, you will be able to see your friends. The app will offer lots of options for you to share music with anyone through social networks, email and more.


In Shazam, the theme is a simple and new feature. However, many users need it in the process of using this application. More specifically, with light and dark themes, users can choose to change the entire color and appearance of the application according to the time circle. Also, you can choose the feature “Set by Battery Saver” to be able to save the battery of your phone the most.

What’s in Shazam Encore Mod?

Shazam Encore Mod is a modified version with the many additional advanced features and services. Please can refer to these features below:

  • Remove ads
  • Provide suggestions related to the tunes you seek.
  • Disable Google services
  • Disable data collection
  • Correct errors and automatically correct errors when searching for songs
  • Allow users to listen to music unlimited
  • Optimization to help the app run smoother on Android devices


Nowadays, there are a lot of applications for searching for songs on mobile stores. Shazam is one of the best. It has a long development process and is powered by popular developers. The app has a huge data warehouse with the ability to identify audio melodies at the highest speed. This is definitely a great app for music enthusiasts all over the world. Readers can download Shazam Encore Full APK at the link below. Don’t forget to leave your review and share it if you find it helpful. Thanks and have fun!

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