The interesting story of GTA: Vice City

by , Saturday, 31 December 2022 (1 month ago)

In 1986, Tommy Vercetti was a member of the family mafia organization-Forelli in Liberty City. He had completed 15 years in prison for killing 11 people. His former boss was afraid that Tommy Vercetti would affect his operation in this city. So, that boss sent Tommy to Vice City to buy a drug.

During the deal progress, an unknown 3rd party attacked them and killed Tommy’s guards and the drug dealer. Tommy was lucky to escape but lost both money and drugs. Tommy’s former owner was very angry and forced Tommy to return the money. At this point, Tommy promised to find money and drugs and would find the guy behind. He met Ken Rosenberg, who helped him get acquainted with Colonel Juan García Cortez. Cortez regrets Tommy for the failed transaction and promised to help him. Also, he met Mercedes – Cortez’s daughter, who became Tommy’s girlfriend.

While Tommy was waiting for the results of Cortez’s investigation, he met the British record producer, real estate dealer and Victor Vance’s younger brother who was trying to avenge his brother. Tommy made friends with Cortez and helped him as an assassin. In addition, Tommy used to save Ricardo Diaz from the Haitian gang ambush. After that, Diaz began hiring Tommy to work for him. Tommy accepts because of the high bonus despite he doesn’t like Diaz’s personality.

Also, Cortez told Tommy that Gonzalez, Cortez’s subordinate, was partly responsible for Tommy’s failure and asked Tommy to kill Gonzalez. After that, Cortez turned his suspicions to Diaz. After killing Diaz as well as Colonel Cortez leaving the country, the Vice City drug market quickly fell into the hands of Tommy and Lance.

After that, Tommy became the boss of an organization, the Mafia family Vercetti. However, Lance was angry because Tommy was getting richer and more powerful. Then, Tommy was allied with Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina and fought Auntie Poulet’s Haitian gang. Besides, he was mesmerized by Poulet’s evil arts to assist the Haitian gang. After Tommy and Poulet ended, he and Cuban gang broke in and destroyed Haitian drug factory. Tommy also bought some businesses in the city to develop drug trafficking.

Tommy began to disobey the orders of his former boss and build his own empire. This made the boss very angry and constantly demanding money. The Forelli family discovered that Tommy had taken over most of the activity in Vice City without paying Sonny on demand.

Sonny felt betrayed and sent his collectors to Tommy’s businesses, but Tommy killed them all. Sonny got angry and went to Vice City with a mafia army. When he and his subordinates came to the Vercetti Estate, Tommy tried to use fake money to fool them. But Lance cooperated with the Forellis family and told Sonny that the money was fake. Tommy fought alone against Lance, Sonny and his minions right in Tommy’s house.During the gun battle, Tommy chased and killed Lance before facing Sonny downstairs. At this time, Sonny admitted that he was the one who put Tommy in 15 years in prison. In the end, Tommy killed Sonny and became the most powerful crime boss in Vice City.

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