AnonyTun Pro APK v11.2 [MOD, Unlocked]

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In the world, many countries have a restrictions and control over internet access such as China, Korea… Users will not be able to access international websites because they are blocked by the government of that country. Usually, we have a safe and effective way that is to use a VPN application. In which, AnonyTun is a solution from the developer Art Of Tunnel. It provides high speed VPN connection with large servers in many countries in the world, which helps users pass the internet restriction. Please join us to check it out right now!

What is AnonyTun?

Many people may not know what a VPN is and how it works. We will quickly introduce you to the VPN and AnonyTun app for Android phones. VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to create a virtual private network with another network on the internet. It can be used to access geographically restricted websites and protect your browsing activity from 3rd party tracking. AnonyTun will be an application that integrates latest technologies on VPN. It will be like a normal application with simple usage but can help you achieve the best features about internet access.

Download AnonyTun Pro APK MOD for Android

Fast and secure connection

VPN is great and effective, but it also has drawbacks like slow connection or security. However, AnonyTun will help you eliminate most of the disadvantages of VPN with the latest technology. You will have fast and high-speed connections to several servers in large areas. For users who play games or live stream, they can also use servers dedicated to Gaming and Streaming. Besides, AnonyTun will ensure the safety for users by controlling the ports and activating SSL certificates.

More advanced and more intensive

For users who can use the VPN, AnonyTun has more advanced features. Users will use hidden settings that allow them to change connection protocols, gateways, Proxies, edit TCP / HTTP, or enable SSL settings for more security. Make sure you are a knowledgeable person in setting because that will affect the effectiveness of AnonyTun’s VPN connection.

What’s in AnonyTun Pro?

Currently, AnonyTun offers users two versions, including a free version and a paid version (AnonyTun Pro). Of course, users will have more advanced features in the Pro version. Please see the detail below:

  • Best Price
  • Separated Premium Severs
  • More speed
  • No time limit
  • Better Privacy

Download AnonyTun Pro APK MOD for Android

Download AnonyTun Pro APK for Android

Besides, users can download the free version of AnonyTun for free on Google Play easily. After that, you can upgrade to the Pro version. However, many people will have difficulty in upgrading the Pro package. Therefore, we will provide you with a free download link of AnonyTun Pro APK. You will only need to install it to get all the advanced features for free.


Overall, AnonyTun is a quality VPN application, which is effective in unblocking the web and ensuring its safety during use. AnonyTun technician team will always work to ensure the server works best. It will take you to the highest connection servers, which will speed up your browsing experience. Readers can leave a review and share if you find this app helpful. Thanks and have fun!

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