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Nowadays, almost everyone will have a smart mobile device. They not only serve the needs of communication among people but also bring other interesting entertainment means. One of the most attractive and simple features is listening to music. This feature is available on every smartphone. However, the default music application on the phone is not good enough to satisfy the users. That has motivated app developers to create better music apps with more advanced features. Today, we would like to introduce to you such a great music application named Avee Music Player from the developer Daaw Aww. Please join us to check it out right now!

Smart music player

Avee Music Player is similar to many famous music players today in many ways. It is very smart in helping people listen to music. Users can interact with the songs through simple touches. Besides, you can also control all the songs in the device by automatic synchronization. As soon as you add a new song, you will immediately see them appear in the list, the artist or the playlist you created. Besides, an attractive feature of Avee Music Player is the spectrum, where users can experience the unique lighting effects. Also, users can create or search for other unique spectrums to add directly to the music player.

Download Avee Music Player Premium Apk for Android

Support many features

Avee Music Player is not only a smart music player but it also has many attractive features that users are interested in. It will support many popular music formats such as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC… Music libraries can also be easily searched by categories such as albums, artists, genres, playlist… You can also read and save playlists then back up to any other device. Besides, you will see many other features, such as sleep timer, equalizer, status bar widget…

Create music videos

One of the new features in Avee Music Player is videos creating while you listen to music. It is like returning to the screen of your phone. This feature will be much more interesting by allowing you to customize very detailed each part if you want to shoot as video codec, video quality, FPS, video bitrate, Audio bitrate… Image quality will be great but the sound quality will depend on your original song. Normally, Avee Music Player will support to improve the sound quality a bit compared to the original song.

Download Avee Music Player Premium Apk for Android

Should we use Avee Music Player Premium?

On Google Play, there are two different versions of Avee Music Player, including Avee Music Player (Pro) and Avee Music Player (Lite). However, the actual differences between these two versions have not been revealed by the developer. It will be free to download them. You need to note that both versions are not available in many countries. So, you may not see the download button in either of these versions. Besides, Avee Music Player Premium is a paid version, which provides you more interesting features than the free version, including Disable ads and Alway hide App Logo.


Overall, Avee Music Player is a new interesting application for listening to music. It enhances people’s music experience with many unique features. At the moment, we also make it easier for you to get this app by sharing a link to download Avee Music Player Premium at the end of this post. Do not forget to rate this app if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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