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Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK (BGMI) v2.9.0 (Menu, Hack Version)

Battlegrounds Mobile India
App Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Latest Version v.2.9.0
Last Updated
Publisher KRAFTON Inc
Category Action Action
Size 891 MB
Google Playstore

4.3 Rating (788) Votes

4.3 Rating (788 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Gear up for an exciting winter BATTLEGROUNDS experience with loads of fun!


Greetings, avid Indian gamers! How’s life treating you during this persistent pandemic lockdown? Are you grappling with the monotony of daily tasks, especially after Tencent’s PUBG Mobile faced the banhammer a few months ago? We understand the struggle, trying to navigate through complex VPN servers just to enjoy a gaming session. Fret not, for the dull era ends today! Introducing your long-awaited savior – PUBG Mobile’s Indian avatar, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)! Crafted without Tencent’s involvement, this epic release marks one of 2021’s finest moments, providing Android users with an unparalleled gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned PUBG enthusiast or a newcomer, BGMI promises an enticing interface, gripping FPP shooting experiences, HD quality visuals, and an extensive array of weapons.

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Play Your Beloved PUBG Mobile with an Exclusive Indian Twist

September 2, 2020, remains etched as a challenging day for Indian gamers when PUBG faced the ban, disappearing from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and virtually all app platforms. Many sought solace in alternative Battle Royale titles like Garena Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, and Fortnite, but the void left by PUBG Mobile remained unfulfilled. Today, we bid farewell to those somber days as we usher in the latest creation by Krafton Mobile – BGMI. This Indian version of PUBG Mobile, BGMI, promises a fully-featured Android gaming experience, delivering identical features, privileges, and interface sans the need for VPN servers. Developed entirely by Krafton Gaming, with no Tencent influence, BGMI stands as a testament to the revival of PUBG Mobile in India. Waste no time and embark on your gaming journey by downloading the game instantly from the provided link.

Embrace Krafton’s Masterpiece with Your Preferred Arsenal

For dedicated PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, Krafton Inc. holds a special place in the heart. As the driving force behind PUBG PC, PUBG PC Lite, and PUBG Mobile, Krafton Inc. has been instrumental in shaping the Battle Royale landscape. The arrival of BGMI signals the continuation of this legacy, offering a gaming interface reminiscent of Tencent’s PUBG Mobile. Dive into the game to access your favorite weaponry, including M416, M14A, AKM, Kar98K, AWM, and a new addition – the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle.

Early Access Delights: Enjoy the Seasons You Love

BGMI APK, currently in early access, mirrors the cherished features from previous PUBG Mobile seasons. Say goodbye to starting from scratch with no gun skins or costumes; instead, click the provided button to download BGMI APK instantly. Relive the excitement of previous Tencent’s PUBG Mobile seasons, whether it’s the Godzilla Costume or Glacier M416. Anticipate upcoming seasons within BGMI APK, ensuring a seamless transition from your previous gaming experiences. Waste no time and log in with your existing account to effortlessly shift all your earned rewards to BGMI.

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Dive into Varied Online Gaming Modes with Your Facebook Friends

As an early access offering, BGMI introduces gamers to a variety of cherished gaming modes:

  • Classic Mode: Immerse yourself in the primary Battle-Royale gameplay, competing with your squad against 100 players across six different maps.
  • Arcade Mode: Enjoy quick games for instant fun, including modes like Quick Match, Sniper Training, and War, without worrying about rank repercussions.
  • EvoGround Mode: Experience a diverse mode resembling COD Mobile, featuring unique elements like team revives, choppers, and RPGs for added excitement.
  • Arena Mode: Engage in multiplayer modes reminiscent of childhood favorites, including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Gun Game, Arena Training, and Assault.

Join Elite Clans for Fantastic Group Play

Clans serve as guiding beacons in the BGMI universe. Find the perfect clan, join forces, and complete clan missions for numerous rewards. Engage in clan matches to earn points and even real money. The Crew option allows you to form a group of up to six members, customize your crew’s icon, and enjoy gaming with a personalized touch. Join a clan, form a crew, and commence your BGMI journey by clicking the download button at the end.

Indulge in Shopping for Incredible Costumes, Gun Skins, and Emotes

BGMI APK introduces a shopping menu where you can splurge on the most extravagant costumes and formidable gun skins. Utilize UCs and Gold coins, the in-game currencies, to make your purchases. Engage in Lucky Draws for a chance to acquire exceptional gun skins through strategic spending. The shopping experience in BGMI adds another layer of excitement to your gaming journey.

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Conquer Every Battle Royale Pass Season for Grand Rewards

No virtual game is complete without enticing rewards. BGMI incorporates the Battle Royale Pass, akin to Tencent’s PUBG Mobile, offering free rewards upon completing each level. Upgrade to the premium pass for 799.99 INR to access exclusive content and accelerate your progress through the levels. Accomplish Battle Pass missions, accumulate RP points, and elevate your RP levels for a rewarding gaming experience.

Conclusion Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK

BGMI APK stands as a beacon of hope for Indian Android gamers, presenting the same interface as the official PUBG Mobile. While Google Play Store may require prior early access registration, fear not – download BGMI APK instantly from the provided link to experience the game without hurdles. A 100% free Android game with no advertisements or bugs, BGMI guarantees security and entertainment. Download now and share your experience or seek assistance in the comments below!

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