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BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me
App Name BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me
Latest Version v.1.0.273
Last Updated
Publisher Revoke Limited
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Tools Tools
Mods Premium
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5 Rating (837) Votes

5 Rating (837 Votes )
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Are you tired of feeling like your privacy is constantly being invaded online? Do you worry about the trackers and scams lurking behind every click? Look no further than BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me. This innovative app, available on Google Play, puts you back in control of your digital life by filtering what your phone sends back to apps and websites. With over 420,000 sites known to compromise your privacy or security blocked, BLOKK ensures that your personal information stays private and secure. Let’s explore the features of this powerful app and how it can benefit you.

Introduction BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me

BLOKK is a cutting-edge application designed to safeguard your privacy and protect you from various online threats. It acts as a filter by intercepting the data sent from your phone to apps and websites, effectively blocking trackers and scams. By doing so, BLOKK prevents these entities from compromising your personal information and invading your privacy. Not only does it enhance your security, but it also provides peace of mind while browsing the internet.

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Key features of BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me

Block trackers

BLOKK takes a proactive approach to protect your privacy by blocking trackers. These sneaky elements embedded within apps and websites gather your data without your consent, often for targeted advertising purposes. With BLOKK, you can bid farewell to intrusive trackers and enjoy a more private online experience.

Block scam websites

Aside from trackers, BLOKK also shields you from scam websites. These fraudulent platforms aim to deceive users into revealing sensitive information or engaging in malicious activities. BLOKK identifies and blocks over 420,000 known scam websites, ensuring that you steer clear of potential threats and scams.

App tracking protection

BLOKK empowers you to take control of app tracking right from your phone. You no longer have to rely on external tools or complicated settings. With BLOKK, you can conveniently manage app tracking protection within the app itself, making it effortless to safeguard your privacy.

On your phone

BLOKK operates by utilizing a VPN connection on your device, although it’s important to note that it is not a virtual private network itself. By leveraging this VPN connection, BLOKK filters out trackers and scams, providing you with privacy and app tracking protection directly on your phone. This approach ensures that your personal information stays secure without requiring any complicated setup or external tools.

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BLOKK Free features

The free version of BLOKK is packed with valuable features that enhance your online security:

Trackers & scams blocked

BLOKK keeps a tally of the number of trackers blocked from each of your most recently used apps. This feature allows you to visualize the extent to which BLOKK protects your privacy and keeps your data safe.

Instant scam website warnings

Imagine receiving an instant warning when you stumble upon a known scam or harmful website. BLOKK provides real-time notifications to ensure you’re aware of potential dangers before interacting with malicious content.

Pause at any time

Whether you need uninterrupted access to certain apps or simply want a break from BLOKK’s protection, you have full control at your fingertips. You can easily turn BLOKK on, off, or pause it whenever you desire.

Whitelist apps

Sometimes, you may want specific apps to bypass BLOKK’s blocking measures. With the whitelist feature, you can select apps for which BLOKK will be turned off, allowing all trackers to pass through. This level of customization ensures that you have a seamless browsing experience tailored to your preferences.

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BLOKK Premium features

While the free version of BLOKK offers substantial protection, the premium features take your privacy to the next level:

See what your phone’s leaking

Curious about the trackers and scams BLOKK has blocked? The premium version enables you to delve into the details and view comprehensive reports on the specific elements that have been intercepted and prevented from compromising your data.

Control what’s blocked

Flexibility is key when it comes to protecting your privacy. BLOKK’s premium version allows you to manually block or unblock specific trackers, granting you full control over the elements that are filtered out.

Decide where your data goes

With BLOKK’s premium version, you gain the ability to view a global map displaying your data’s destinations and geo-block countries. This visual representation empowers you to choose where your data is directed, ensuring it remains within secure boundaries.

View BLOKK history

Keeping track of your digital activities is crucial for maintaining privacy. BLOKK’s premium version allows you to access up to 30 days of blocking and phone activity history, enabling you to monitor and analyze your online habits effectively.

Configure block lists

Every user has different needs and preferences when it comes to filtering content. BLOKK’s premium version enables you to toggle specific block list categories on or off, tailoring the app’s protection to suit your individual requirements.

Access advanced options

For tech-savvy users seeking even more fine-tuned control, BLOKK’s premium version offers advanced options like blocking IP addresses and unusual characters. These features allow for a highly personalized browsing experience, ensuring maximum privacy and security.


In an era where privacy breaches and online scams have become all too common, BLOKK: Stop Tracking Me emerges as a valuable solution to protect your digital life. From blocking trackers and scam websites to giving you control over your data, BLOKK puts privacy back in your hands. With its comprehensive set of features, both in the free and premium versions, BLOKK empowers you to navigate the online world with confidence and peace of mind. Don’t let your personal information fall into the wrong hands – choose BLOKK, and reclaim control over your digital privacy.

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