Camera MX PRO v4.7.200 [Unlocked] [Mod] [SAP]


Camera MX is a great camera application for mobile phones. It offers more diverse options than the default cameras on your Android phone. Specifically, the app is easy to use, compatible with all devices and independent. Let’s take a look at Camera MX and find out its highlights below!

About Camera MX

Camera MX is a mobile application under the development and provision of MAGIX. So far, this free app has received over 20 million downloads on the mobile store. It became more popular with many people who enjoy taking pictures on mobile phones. By directly compatible with the default camera, the app allows users to easily take pictures and videos. Also, you can edit parameters, making pictures and videos much more impressive.

Camera MX Premium APK

Salient features

Easy to use and access

Camera MX works simply, which is almost fully compatible with the camera on the device. You can easily launch and enjoy the upgraded content like a new camera. Besides, the features inside will be arranged neatly so you can use them directly with just a few clicks.

Enhanced camera features

With Camera MX, you can now enjoy more new features and enhance the existing ones. In which you can use the timeout to slow down, change the exposure values ​​to alter the photo, or take photos with the flash feature for the best shots in low light. Moreover, users will find their camera better and better. The photos will also be more complete, even with poor cameras.


Camera MX comprehensively supports not only taking pictures but also recording the video. Specifically, you can pause recording at any time and apply video trimming in real-time. Besides, users can record videos with the Timelapse feature to create epic movements. You can also add filters or effects in real-time to make your video more interesting.

Effects and graphics’ quality enhancement

Camera MX has many beautiful camera filters for cell phones. Some typical effects are Kaleidoscope, Splash, mirror effect… You can also use the brush to draw or add special sketch effects. Besides, users can enhance the image quality with autofocus features, customize JPEG in the camera settings or use the HDR features to autofocus.

Edit photos and videos

Furthermore, many people can’t ignore is its live editing features. At this point, you can crop your photos or videos easily. Also, users can apply various adjustments of brightness, contrast or other FX effects. They can adjust motion for videos with available features.

Should we use Camera MX PRO?

Camera MX Pro is a paid version, which requires users to pay $ 1.7 for a week. In which you can get another special feature that is Live Photos. This feature will make your images more lively with Live Shot. Besides, you will be able to take photos and videos with the highest quality and high resolution. If you are a photography enthusiast, the PRO version is the best choice.

Camera MX Premium APK MOD

How to get Camera MX PRO for free

If you are not ready to pay for the PRO version, we would like to bring you a better solution. Here, we share with you the app’s Pro version for free. Moreover, it is safe. Readers can go to the bottom of the article and download it easily. After that, you can install it as usual to get full features.


Overall, Camera MX is a fun and engaging photography application on Android phones. It offers many advanced features to enhance the camera. Besides, you can use Camera MX PRO to create even more high-quality photos and videos without any restrictions. Moreover, readers can even get the PRO version for free on our Blog. Thanks and have fun!

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