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Choices: Stories You Play is an engaging simulation game from the developer Pixelberry. It simulates the life of many different characters. You will enter a new interesting love story that you have never known before. Also, Choices: Stories You Play has been selected by the editors of Google Play as one of the most outstanding simulation games today. So far, the game has achieved tens of millions of downloads and positive reviews from the gaming community. In this article, we give all the information about the game and provide the link to download Choices: Stories You Play Mod for Android phones for free.

The great way of the storytelling

Download Choices: Stories You Play Mod Apk latest for Android

Choices: Stories You Play is a collection of stories for different people. It comes with different genres, such as romance, drama, horror and more. In the game, players will live the life of someone you choose and always try to make the right decisions to find joy and love. Besides, you can also choose to live in a different way like adventuring in the fantasy world and fighting against evil. Everything will be incorporated into the story to enrich the player experience. Also, the game is a perfect combination of story writing art combined with beautiful scenes, which make the story immersive.

Simple gameplay

At the beginning of the game, players can choose their character with unique looks, costumes… After that, you can name him/her and start playing the game immediately. You will use your fingers to click on the phone screen to see the progress of the stories. Players need to carefully read and detail the characters’ conversations to understand what they are saying. Then, you will have options to respond to that conversation. Each answer will lead you to unique content. From there, you will see the change of life, love and many other happenings of the game. Overall, Choices: Stories You Play will have very well-optimized gameplay for mobile. Players will like reading a comic story and relax.

Many new stories every week

Download Choices: Stories You Play Mod Apk latest for Android

Choices: Stories You Play is well developed by the Pixelberry development team. The game will continually provide regular updates to fix bugs. More importantly, they are trying to add the latest stories. Also, the stories will be divided into different genres like magic, love, horror, reality, fantasy… Moreover, you can choose any stories you want without having to finish it in order.

Customize the character

Choices: Stories You Play is a simple game, which has similarities with other simulation games like The Sims FreePlay. It allows players to customize the characters to match the story. If you play the part of a rich lady, you need to wear neat and beautiful clothes. When you play a business girl, you need to have the right clothes for the job. However, your choices will also be limited. In the game, you can only select the available suggestions in the game. But that is enough to make your game interesting.

The graphics

Download Choices: Stories You Play Mod Apk latest for Android

In Choices: Stories You Play, the first thing you can notice is that the game is built on a 2D graphics platform. That can make many people feel a little disappointed. However, 2D graphics of Choices: Stories You Play really excellent with beautiful and clear images. Players can see the change of the surrounding locations from many different perspectives. Moreover, the characters are also vividly and prominently drawn to look like real people. Also, the music is great with wordless songs based on the context and theme of each story, which also makes players interested in.

Download Choices: Stories You Play (MOD, Free Choice/Unlocked) for free for Android

Choices: Stories You Play is a free game that anyone can download from the game store. That version provides gamers with the original experience. Besides, we also offer you the modified version of the game named Choices: Stories You Play Mod. It will unlock or add some new features to make the game easier and more interesting. Here we also share a modified version of Choices: Stories You Play for everyone to download. The link is provided at the end of this article.


Overall, Choices: Stories You Play is an engaging simulation game. It is worth a try. The game has many advanced features, especially the huge stories database. If you like this game, do not forget to follow our article to regularly update the latest versions of Choices: Stories You Play Mod. If you have any questions about the game, please leave your comments below. Thank you!

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