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#DRIVE is a simple game of the racing genre from Pixel Perfect Dude, which was inspired by action movies from the 1970s. It will be the most engaging and simple racing game you’ve ever seen. #DRIVE is developed for free on mobile devices. You can easily get it from Google Play. In addition, we would like to bring you a special version of the game named #DRIVE Mod Apk in this article. This is a modified version, which will give you more interesting features, making your game more interesting. Let’s check it out right below!


How to play

#DRIVE Mod Apk directs players to simplicity. In the game, you will need to choose a car and a race track you like. Then, you can immediately challenge your friends. You have to drive yourself across different roads, as well as stay away from obstacles such as cars, walls or unexpected obstacles. It is very important that you have to keep your car safe, or at least with good enough condition. If it is damaged, your game is over. Besides, your car will need fuel to operate. You can refuel it by moving through gas stations.

Start playing #DRIVE Mod Apk is very simple. However, it is difficult to master the car. Your vehicle will be extremely sensitive in navigation, so you will need to constantly click to keep your car in the right direction. Besides, you do not need to upgrade your car. The money you have will only be used to buy a new one, unlock new race tracks or change the colour of your car.


The key features

  • Unique graphics: #DRIVE Mod Apk has an impressive design. The images are similar to the game, PAKO Forever. There are many unique images with angular shape design that will make many players feel interested in.
  • Vehicles: Currently, the game has 25 vehicles. Most of these cars have classic designs. Each car will have 4 different colours for you to choose from. You will need coins to change the colour of your car.
  • The race track: #DRIVE Mod Apk provides the players with 3 basic types of maps including Dry Crumbs, Snow Plow and Holzberg. These are 3 main locations where players can challenge their best friend’s skills. In the future, there will definitely be more unique maps for you to explore.
  • Unlimited money: Coin is the most important currency in this game. However, with #DRIVE Mod Apk, you will get a lot of money as soon as the game starts. Therefore, you can freely unlock and shop without worrying about the costs.


#DRIVE is an exciting game in the racing category. You can easily enjoy it anywhere without a network connection. We also share another option for you that is #DRIVE Mod Apk, which will unlock most advanced features for free. You can easily download it with the link below. Please give us your review of the game below! Thanks and have a fun game!

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