Facebook Mod Apk v446. (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Facebook
Latest Version v.446.
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Publisher Meta Platforms Inc
Category Social Social
Size 48 MB
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2.5 Rating (4) Votes

2.5 Rating (4 Votes )
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Explore, connect and share your interests with real people


Facebook MOD APK stands as a powerhouse among social networking platforms, offering an unparalleled experience across various OS devices. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook initially emerged as a platform for photo-sharing, gradually evolving into one of the most successful and widely-used social networks globally. Over the years, Facebook has witnessed exponential growth, continuously adapting to user needs by integrating a myriad of features. In the current digital age, the majority of individuals worldwide have embraced internet-connected lives, with Facebook serving as a primary hub for connectivity and communication.

Facebook MOD APK 4

As Facebook MOD APK continues to soar in popularity, the development team consistently enhances the platform’s safety, security, and privacy features—critical aspects in the realm of social networking. Prioritizing user privacy, Facebook ensures a secure environment for its vast user base. To embark on the Facebook journey, users are required to register an account, after which they can seamlessly access the platform. Completing the profile details opens the gateway to visibility among peers and connections.

Facebook Features

Connectivity Beyond Boundaries

Facebook MOD APK boasts an array of advanced features designed to meet users’ diverse needs. Let’s delve into the extensive features offered by the application.

Finding Friends

In our childhood, making friends was a natural part of school life. However, as years pass, reconnecting with childhood friends becomes challenging. Facebook MOD APK eliminates this challenge by seamlessly integrating users into its expansive network. Users can search for people by name, expanding their connections globally. Friend requests can be sent to establish new friendships, leading to direct chats and long-term communication. The platform even commemorates years of friendship by sending video retrospectives.

Facebook MOD APK 1

Story Sharing

A captivating feature of Facebook MOD APK is the ability to share stories—a reflection of our daily lives. Users can capture moments through their mobile cameras, embed them into stories, and enhance the experience with background music from an integrated music store. The inclusion of stickers, emojis, and GIF stickers adds an expressive touch to shared story images. Viewers can react to stories using six different emojis, fostering instant engagement and connection.

Media Sharing

Beyond stories, Facebook MOD APK allows users to share a diverse range of content, including photos, videos, quotes, texts, and more. The platform serves as a canvas for users to express their moods and share life’s moments. Friends and followers can interact with shared content through likes, comments, and shares, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.


For users with entrepreneurial aspirations, Facebook MOD APK provides a robust platform to kickstart businesses. Creating a page with a new brand name, users can furnish details and select templates tailored to their business type. With up to 10+ templates available, businesses ranging from fashion to services can find a suitable match. The “Boost Content” feature enables businesses to promote posts, reaching a broader audience. Noteworthy is the inclusion of verified tick badges for celebrities, musicians, and public figures, adding credibility to their pages.

Facebook MOD APK 2


Introducing a unique video-watching feature, Facebook MOD APK’s “Watch” section functions akin to YouTube. Videos uploaded to official pages appear in this section, showcasing trending content. The platform ensures that recommended videos are engaging, eliminating the monotony of repetitive suggestions. With no time limitations on video uploads, the section serves as a hub for diverse content creators.


Recognizing the shift towards online commerce, Facebook MOD APK facilitates small businesses with the “Shop” section. Sellers can list products, provide details, and engage in direct communication with potential buyers. Transactions are seamless, supporting various payment methods. The application transforms the user into both a seller and a buyer, fostering a dynamic marketplace accessible to everyone.

Promote Business

In the realm of digital marketing, Facebook MOD APK’s “Ads” feature parallels YouTube advertisements. From corporates to individual businesses, the platform provides an avenue to showcase ads to a vast user base. The cost of advertising is influenced by audience reach, making it an accessible option for businesses of all scales. Leveraging the expansive user base, businesses can effectively promote their products and services.


Acknowledging the popularity of gaming content, Facebook MOD APK introduces a dedicated gaming section. Users passionate about gaming can start streaming live videos by creating a gaming page. With no time limitations on live videos, streamers can engage their audience with endless gaming content. The inclusion of donation options adds an interactive element, allowing viewers to support their favorite streamers.


As the user base expands, so does the risk of security threats. Facebook MOD APK addresses this concern by implementing a robust six-layer security system. White hat hackers constantly monitor and secure the servers, incorporating the latest technologies to fortify against cyber threats. Users receive real-time notifications in case of login attempts, and two-step verification adds an extra layer of protection.

Earn Money

Facebook MOD APK extends an opportunity for users to monetize their pages, presenting a viable source of income. With specific page requirements, users can earn money through advertisements displayed on their videos. The earnings are calculated based on the number of ad views, providing a lucrative avenue for content creators. The earned money can be seamlessly withdrawn after reaching the minimum threshold.


Creating a personal profile on Facebook MOD APK involves adding basic details such as name, date of birth, relationship status, and educational background. Users can strike a balance between privacy and visibility by setting public or private options for each piece of information. The profile serves as a virtual snapshot, allowing users to connect with old friends based on shared schools and colleges.

Facebook MOD APK 3

Conclusion Facebook Mod Apk

In conclusion, Facebook MOD APK emerges as a comprehensive social media network, connecting people worldwide with its myriad features. The platform caters to a diverse range of needs, from personal connections to business endeavors. The application’s versatility, accessibility, and continuous innovation contribute to its prominence. While the original version includes advertisements in videos, our MOD version ensures an ad-free viewing experience. Download the latest MOD version to unlock an enhanced Facebook experience.


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