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FiLMiC Pro is a wonderful photographic application on Android from FiLMiC Inc. It will help users improve videos recorder from the camera. This application has been used in many highly configurable video and film projects, which has won many famous awards such as the best video recording app, Gizmodo essential app, week’s app, etc. The information about this application may be very new to many people. So, we give you all the necessary information about the app in this article. Besides, we also share the link to download FiLMiC Pro MOD APK for free. Let’s check it out right now!

Download FiLMiC Pro APK for Android

How does FiLMiC Pro work?

FiLMiC Pro is a manual and professional 4K HD video and movie recording application. It connects to the camera of a mobile device like a manual DSLR camera. When you start the app, you also start the camera. Besides, it will integrate its customizations and settings on the phone screen. You just need to select the parameters before deciding to make your videos. You can rotate your phone to make it easy to record. On the vertical side, the features of FiLMiC Pro will be shrunk. When your phone is horizontal, the features will be expanded to be much easier to use. After you finish recording your videos, you can interact with the videos with some different options like Filter by, share, delete, etc.

FiLMiC Pro can record good quality sound when recording videos. It will record in a LOG gamma curve on supported devices, allowing a larger and more flexible tonal range. You can set your phone as on the high-quality camera devices.

Download FiLMiC Pro APK for Android

The key features of FiLMiC Pro

For a professional application like FiLMiC Pro, it provides a lot of quality features. You can refer to these premium features before deciding to use it to create your quality videos.

  • Change colours: FiLMiC Pro provides a custom colour palette so that users can easily change the colour of the video. Besides, the app will provide some available colours such as light from light bulbs, the sun and many other special colours.
  • Brightness change: FiLMiC Pro brings detailed colour change for videos. Users can change it little by little according to the EV. The maximum brightness will be 2 EV. The minimum will be -2 EV.
  • Filter the colour: This application provides the ability to remove the colours in the video recorded by the camera. You can see many more interesting types of videos like shooting in different environments. FiLMiC Pro will have 4 different types to choose from. You can click on the letter A on the screen to check them.
  • Resolution: This feature will make specific changes to help users improve videos. You can change the frame, quality or video Codec for every video with a single setting.
  • FrameRate: This feature helps users to change the frame ratio. Rather it will allow users to change the FPS of the videos. Depending on the device, you can maximize FrameRate up to 240. Besides, you will also have more options on Capture FPS, Playback FPS, Shutter.
  • Audio: This feature allows you to set audio for videos, which allows you to set microphone, KHz number, voice Processing…
  • Device: FiLMiC Pro will allow users to have more interesting options while using this section. You can get more options for every video just by turning it off.

In addition to the above features, FiLMiC Pro will have many other interesting features in the settings such as CMS, Hardware, Stabilization, Torch, Guide… You can gradually explore the features during use.

Should we use FiLMiC Pro?

FiLMiC Pro is a paid application for Android phones. Therefore, deciding whether to use FiLMiC Pro to record videos will be an important decision for users. If you are a simple user and do not have much demand for video, you should choose other applications to buy. However, if you have a high demand for video recording, FiLMiC Pro will be the best choice. Also, we want to introduce one more interesting thing that we will share this application for free. All users can download it and experience the advanced features. But the version we share below is a modified version. Please go to the next section to learn how to download and install FiLMiC Pro Mod APK for Android phones.

Download FiLMiC Pro APK for Android

How to download and install FiLMiC Pro APK MOD for Android

As said, we share FiLMiC Pro Mod Apk for free. It will be full of advanced features and work very stable. To download FiLMiC Pro, please click the link at the bottom of this article. The application will automatically download to your device immediately. You can then refer to the instructions below to install it.

  • Remove the old version on your phone if it is available.
  • Click on the FiLMiC Pro APK file and select “Install” to install.
  • If this is your first time installing apps outside of the Google Play store, please allow installation from an “unknown sources”.
  • After activating, you can go back and continue installing the APK file as usual.


FiLMiC Pro is a perfect application for those who want to record videos on mobile phones. It offers all the same features as a professional camera. FiLMiC Pro offers ease and convenience that many players love. Readers can download it and enjoy at the link below. If you have any idea about the app, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting apps and games! Thanks and have fun!

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