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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker MOD APK [Pro Unlocked] v3.73b314511

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
App Name KWGT Kustom Widget Maker
Latest Version v.3.73b314511
Last Updated
Publisher Kustom Industries
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Personalization Personalization
Size 31.03M
Mods Pro Unlocked
Google Playstore

5 Rating (693) Votes

5 Rating (693 Votes )
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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is an app that makes your Android launcher or lock screen more unique. The app includes a powerful Widget creator combined with a great WYSIWYG editor. Please join us to find out more about it right now!

What can KWGT Kustom Widget Maker do for you?

This is an app for creating fully customizable widgets to decorate users’ Android home screen with loads of widgets. Also, the amazing features of KWGT are endless. With KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key, you can create digital or custom clock widgets, or you can also design map widgets, weather widgets, battery, music player, and more by yourself. Besides, the app allows you to unleash your creativity with many unique ideas.

Also, users can set a certain action when touching Widget. Moreover, you can also use the utility as a decoration tool thanks to the ability to insert images, illustrations, fonts, design layers, and move or delete objects on the preview screen only. You can do everything with touch, and drag and drop action.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk


  • Text with custom fonts, colors, sizes and effects.
  • You can adjust shapes like oval, easy to distinguish, Arcs, triangles, Exagons, and more.
  • Besides, users can transform 3D flip, warped and distorted text.
  • Layers with overlay effects like pro photo/photo editor (blur, clarity, xor, difference, saturation).
  • You are powered by Google Fitness (segments, calories, steps, distance, sleep).
  • Complex programming languages with functions, conditions, and variables.
  • Also, you can change the Widget background or aspect based on touch, time, location, weather, whatever.
  • KWGT is dynamic, and you can download content over HTTP (live maps, weather and so on).
  • Native music widget (show theme song, album, cover).
  • Cold weather with wind, feeling like temperature and more.
  • Moreover, the app supports Tasker (download presets via Tasker, change changes via Tasker….).
  • A large amount of data is displayed such as date, time, battery (with time estimate), calendar, astronomical (sunrise, sunset, illumination, Stardate), CPU speed, set remember, countdown, WiFi and cell status, traffic info, next alarm, location, travel speed, rom/device, IP, network data and more).

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk 1

How to use KWGT Kustom Widget Maker?

The first thing you need to do to use KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is to create a widget of the desired size on your home screen. That’s it! Now, you just need to select it to immediately access the main interface of the app. From here, users can quickly start the creation progress.

If you want to adjust the screen brightness and protect your eyes, you will need the tool Brightness Widget. Its advantage is to help you reduce the eyes-strain and improve your experience in the dark environment.

Especially, 3rd party widgets easily communicate with KWGT Kustom Widget Maker. So, users will easily use these beautiful widgets. When you download a Homepack package, the 3rd party widget is automatically applied.

How to add a KWGT widget to the home screen?

  1. You press and hold on the home screen and select the Widgets prompt.
  2. In the widget menu, users can scroll down to locate the KWGT widget. Then you can choose the widget size of your choice and drag it to the home screen.
  3. Click on an empty widget to open the widget selection page.
  4. Here, you choose a widget.

How to adjust the effects?

Once you have selected a widget, the app will take you to the widget editor. It is divided into six tabs, consisting of Items, Background, Tap, Layer, Globals, and Shortcuts. Also, each tab allows you to tweak a different aspect of the widget.

  1. Users can click the Morph Text item in the Item tab. Then, you can click the “+” icon next to the Size option to increase the size. Touching the forward/back arrows will increase/decrease the font size in increments of 10. You can repeat this step for all items in the widget.
  2. Switch to the placements tab and click the +/- icon next to X Offerset to move the item along the X-axis. After that, you can do the same on YPackset to move it along the Y-axis.
  3. In the background tab, users can tap the bar next to the Color option to open the color picker. Here, you can choose the background color. Also, you can adjust the opacity of the background layer if you want.
  4. To add a shortcut, you can switch to the Touch tab and tap the bar next to the Action option. Then, users can choose the option to Launch an App from the pop-up menu. You can now select the app of your choice by tapping the bar next to the app option.


In the Globals tab, you can create dynamic options that allow you to change settings for multiple items, at the same time. Besides, users can add Global by clicking the + icon in the top right corner of the widget editor. Finally, the Shortcut tab allows you to add shortcuts to widgets. It works quite similar to the Touch tab, allowing you to have two separate shortcuts on a widget.

While it may seem like a lot of work, using KWGT to customize widgets is not too difficult. First of all, the app continues to save your progress regularly and allows you to easily get back to the restore point by clicking the Restore button located in the top right corner next to the save button. Besides, when you are satisfied with the result, you can simply press the save button and exit the widget editor. Your custom widget will automatically appear on your home screen.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk 2

How to create a customizable widget with KWGT?

  1. Click on the new widget icon in the upper right corner to start a new project. That opens up an empty widget editor.
  2. To add components to a widget, you can tap the + icon in the top right corner of the widget editor and select an item you choose from the menu. For example, I chose the Morphing Text option to create a clock widget. By default, the Text / Morphing Text option shows the time. To get more values, you can tap the bar next to the Text option and use a different formula from the next menu. I have highlighted these steps later in this section.
  3. You customize the Texting Text item as mentioned earlier.
  4. Click the + icon again to add another Morpho text item for the date. Then, you click the bar next to the Text option to change the time to date.
  5. In the formula editor, please select the ‘df’ option to format the date as text.
  6. You choose the date style from the list of examples. Enter the formula in the Formula Editor option and tap the checkmark in the upper right corner to save the changes.


At this point, users can customize Morphing Text item for the date as mentioned earlier. Here, I changed the font’s style, size, and color, and moved the text to align it over time. Also, I added a background to improve visibility. If you followed all these steps for T, you should now have a utility that looks like this.

You can add various items to your widget from the ingredients menu, all of which serve a different purpose. The Komponent option lets you add a built-in component, while the Process option lets you add a neat progress bar to your widget. Finally, the Overlap Group and Stack Group options allow you to group items in your widget, while the Series option lets you create custom series for the date, time, battery, and more.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker Mod Apk 3

Download KWGT Kustom Widget Maker MOD APK for android

With the app, users can create custom digital and Analog Clock, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, battery or sophisticated memory meter, randomly change pictures, listen to music, clock World, Astronomy widget, and more. Right now, you can try it out by downloading it for free at the link below!

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