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App Name MacroDroid - Device Automation
Latest Version v.5.36.9
Last Updated
Publisher ArloSoft
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Tools Tools
Size 46.53M
Mods Pro
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5 Rating (852) Votes

5 Rating (852 Votes )
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If you are someone who loves to personalize and optimize your Android device, then the MacroDroid MOD APK is a tool that you shouldn’t miss. This app allows you to automate various tasks on your phone, allowing you to save time and effort while also improving your overall productivity. In this article, we will explore the various features of this app and how you can make the most out of it.

What is MacroDroid MOD APK?

MacroDroid is an automation app for Android devices that lets users create custom macros or automated processes that perform particular tasks based on specific triggers. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables users to create and customize their own macros according to their preferences. With MacroDroid, you can automate almost anything on your phone, from turning off Wi-Fi when you leave home to automatically sending a text message at a particular time.

The MOD APK version of MacroDroid offers several additional benefits over the standard version, including access to premium features without any fees, ad-free usage, and unlocked functionality.

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Easy task building

With MacroDroid, building automated tasks has never been easier. You don’t need any coding skills or technical knowledge. Simply follow three simple steps to create your macros and let MacroDroid handle the rest. Choose a trigger, select the actions you want to automate, and optionally configure constraints to refine when the macro should fire. It’s as simple as that!

Extensive trigger options

MacroDroid offers over 70 triggers to kickstart your macros. From location-based triggers like GPS and cell towers, to device status triggers such as battery level and app starting/closing, MacroDroid covers all your automation needs. Additionally, sensor triggers like shaking and light levels, as well as connectivity triggers like Bluetooth, WiFi, and notifications, provide even more possibilities for customization. You can even create shortcuts on your device’s home screen or use the unique and customizable MacroDroid sidebar for quick access.

Diverse action selection

With over 100 different actions at your disposal, MacroDroid empowers you to automate tasks that you would normally perform manually. Connect to Bluetooth or WiFi devices, adjust volume levels, speak incoming notifications aloud, start timers, dim your screen, run Tasker plugins, and much more. The range of actions available ensures that you can tailor your device’s behavior precisely according to your needs.

Customizable constraints

Sometimes, you may want your macros to fire only under specific circumstances. MacroDroid offers more than 50 constraint types to help you achieve this level of customization. For instance, if you prefer connecting to your company’s WiFi only during workdays, you can easily set up a constraint to make it happen. Constraints enable you to define precise times or days when the macro should be invoked, ensuring that automation happens exactly when you want it to.

Beginner-friendly and advanced options

MacroDroid caters to users of all levels of experience. If you’re new to device automation, the built-in Wizard guides you through the configuration of your first macros step by step. You can also take advantage of existing templates from the template section and customize them to suit your requirements. Should you need any assistance, the active forum community is always ready to help you learn the ins and outs of MacroDroid. For more advanced users, MacroDroid offers additional features like Tasker and Locale plugin integration, system/user-defined variables, scripts, intents, advanced logic using IF, THEN, ELSE clauses, and the use of AND/OR operators.

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How to use MacroDroid MOD APK?

Using MacroDroid MOD APK is straightforward and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this app:

  1. Download and Install: First, download the MOD APK version of MacroDroid from my website and install it on your Android device.
  1. Create Macros: Once you have installed the app, launch it and click the “Add Macro” button to create a new macro. You can select a trigger that will activate the macro, such as a specific time, location, or event.
  1. Add Actions: After selecting the trigger, add actions that the macro should perform when triggered. These actions can include sending a text message, launching an app, turning on/off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, adjusting the volume, and many more.
  1. Save and Activate: Once you have created the macro, save it and activate it by toggling the switch on the Macro list page.
  2. Test and Refine: Test your macro to ensure that it works correctly. If there are any issues, refine and tweak your macro until it performs as desired.

The benefit of MacroDroid MOD APK

MacroDroid MOD APK allows you to automate almost anything on your Android device, making it a handy tool for enhancing your productivity. Here are some benefits of what you can automate:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when leaving home: This macro automatically turns off Wi-Fi when you leave home, helping you save battery life and mobile data.
  • Launch Music Player when headphones are plugged in: This macro launches your favorite music player app when you plug in your headphones, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes without any hassle.
  • Send a text message when missed calls occur: This macro sends a text message to the caller when you miss their call, letting them know that you will call them back soon.
  • Adjust brightness based on ambient light: This macro adjusts your screen’s brightness based on the ambient light, making it easier to read the content on your device regardless of the lighting situation.

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Tips for using MacroDroid MOD APK

Here are some tips and advice for using MacroDroid MOD APK:

  • Start simple: If you are new to automation apps like MacroDroid MOD APK, start by creating simple macros that perform basic functions. As you become more familiar with the app, you can create more complex macros.
  • Test and refine: Always test your macros after creating them to ensure that they work correctly. If there are any issues, refine and tweak your macro until it performs as desired.
  • Backup your macros: It’s essential to backup your macros regularly to avoid losing them in case of a phone reset or data loss.
  • Be careful with sensitive information: Be cautious when creating macros that involve sensitive information such as passwords or personal data. Ensure that your macros are secure and do not compromise your privacy.
  • Use community macros: MacroDroid MOD APK has a large community of users who share their macros with others. You can browse through these community macros to find inspiration for creating your own macros.
  • Keep your phone updated: Ensure that your phone is running the latest version of Android and that all apps, including MacroDroid MOD APK, are up-to-date. This will help prevent any compatibility issues or bugs that may affect the performance of your macros.


MacroDroid MOD APK is an excellent app for those who want to automate tasks on their Android devices easily. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, you can create custom macros that suit your needs and improve your productivity. Whether you want to save battery life, launch apps automatically, or send text messages, MacroDroid MOD APK has got you covered. Remember to backup your macros regularly and be cautious when creating macros that involve sensitive information. By following these tips and advice, you can make the most out of this app and take control of your Android device like a pro.

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