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Superheroes are no longer too strange for many people in movies or games. They often have super powers and often fight to protect the world. You may have seen many role-playing games about these superheroes. Surely, they have made you interested in. Today, we would like to introduce to you a superhero game in the form of a card game called MARVEL Duel. It is a great collaboration between developer NetEase Games and Marvel Entertainment. The game is based on the world of Marvel superheroes. You will have a chance to see hundreds of superheroes and villains in the Marvel universe. Please join us to check it right now!

Download MARVEL Duel Apk for Android

The gameplay

MARVEL Duel is a card game with a combination of classic and modern fighting style. In the game, players will be seated at the tables with the draw of different superhero cards. Each card will represent a superhero, and you can take those cards to the table to fight each other. Each player will in-turn draws a card and chooses different strategies by combining superheroes. For example, you can also apply different Iron Man suits to deal with different situations, or you can use many trap cards to lure your enemies to death. Gamers can even use superheroes’ powerful abilities to directly fight with enemies.

Also, MARVEL Duel provides a platform for players of all skill levels to begin their journey. The game provides gamers with many simple tutorials. They help players learn more about the game mechanics, such as how to form a team or card introduction. During the game, the game also offers you many suggestions. With each play, players will gain more experience and become a better player in the superhero world.

Many superheroes

MARVEL has more than 80 years of producing comics. So far, it has had more than 8000 characters appearing in various works. Marvel Entertainment developer has selected 150 most outstanding characters to put into this game. Each of them will be placed in a card and possess unique super power. Gamers may see many familiar names in the MARVEL universe like Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man… If you think this is just a boring card game, you may be mistaken. Superheroes will be faithfully reproduced by 3D display.

Download MARVEL Duel Apk for Android

Nice graphics

In MARVEL Duel, players will enter a game table set in outer space with modern technology. The cards are designed in detail and stand out on the tables. When using the skills, the card will transform into superheroes with majestic and impressive manner. Players will immediately admire a 3D model of the superhero and see the cool effects. Besides, the game also has heroic music that brings excitement for players.


MARVEL Duel is a new and innovative card game with many great features. The game will attract players right at first sight. Besides, with the influence of two big developers, NetEase and Marvel Entertainment, the game will surely quickly gain a large number of players. In this article, we will also regularly update the game’s latest news and share links to download the MARVEL Duel APK for free. If you are interested in the game, do not forget to follow and support us. Thanks and have fun!

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