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NGL: anonymous q&a
App Name NGL: anonymous q&a
Latest Version v.2.3.17
Last Updated
Publisher NGL App
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Social Social
Size 151.45M
Mods Premium
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5 Rating (795) Votes

5 Rating (795 Votes )
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In recent years, anonymous question and answer platforms have become increasingly popular. One such platform is NGL, which allows users to ask questions anonymously and receive anonymous replies. With features like sharing responses on Instagram, NGL has quickly become a favorite among many social media users.

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About NGL: anonymous Q&A

NGL stands for “No Gender Limits,” and it’s an anonymous question and answer platform that allows users to ask plenty of questions without revealing their identities. The app was created by a group of developers who wanted to create a safe space where people can ask questions without fear of judgment or ridicule.

NGL has gained popularity among social media users, particularly those who enjoy asking and answering questions anonymously. It’s important to note that the app is not just for teens; users of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the platform.

Ask plenty of questions

Asking questions is a fundamental part of any conversation or social interaction. It aids in gaining insights into someone’s thought process and understanding their perspective on a particular topic. However, asking questions can be intimidating, especially when the subject matter is sensitive. On NGL, users can ask any question they want without revealing their identity. This anonymity fosters a sense of freedom and encourages users to ask more meaningful and personal questions.

Moreover, NGL offers various categories under which users can ask questions. These categories range from love and relationships to mental health and self-care. Users can choose a category that aligns with their interests and preferences. These categories also help filter out irrelevant questions, making it easier to find and answer relevant ones.

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Anonymous replies

One of the unique features of NGL is its anonymity, which allows users to answer questions honestly and openly. When answering a question, users have the option to remain anonymous or reveal their identity. If they choose to remain anonymous, their response will appear as “anonymous” to other users. This feature is particularly useful when answering questions related to sensitive topics such as mental health or sexuality.

Furthermore, NGL allows users to interact with each other by upvoting or downvoting answers. Upvoted answers appear at the top of the page, making it easier for users to find the most insightful and helpful responses. Additionally, users can also mark a question as “answered” if they feel satisfied with the response.

Share your responses on Instagram

NGL allows users to share their responses on Instagram. Once a user answers a question, they can share their response on their Instagram story or feed. This feature enables users to showcase their personality and connect with other NGL users who have similar interests. Sharing responses on Instagram also helps increase engagement and expand the user’s social circle.

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How to use NGL: anonymous Q&A?

Getting started with NGL is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the app:

  1. Create an account: Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to create an account.
  2. Ask a question: After creating an account, you can start asking questions right away. Simply type in your question and hit “Send.”
  3. Wait for responses: Once you’ve asked a question, other users will be able to see it and reply anonymously. You’ll receive push notifications when someone responds to your question.
  4. Share your responses: If you choose to share your responses on Instagram, simply tap the “Share” button and select the Instagram icon.

It’s important to keep in mind that NGL is an anonymous platform, so there’s no way to know who’s responding to your questions. As a result, it’s important to use the app responsibly and avoid using it to bully or harass others.


Anonymous Q&A platforms such as NGL provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to ask and answer questions without revealing their identities. The anonymity feature fosters a sense of freedom and encourages users to ask personal and meaningful questions. Furthermore, the upvote and downvote feature helps filter out irrelevant responses, making it easier for users to find the best responses. Finally, sharing responses on Instagram helps increase engagement and expand the user’s social circle. If you are looking for a platform to ask and answer questions anonymously, NGL is worth checking out. It provides a unique experience that is both fun and insightful.

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