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PowerDirector is a quality video viewing and editing application available on the mobile store. It was developed by CyberLink for mobile devices. If you follow us regularly, you will surely know an app from this developer that we recently introduced, ActionDirector. PowerDirector is a professional image and video editing tool for all users who want to share videos. It gives impressive features, efficiency during use. More importantly, it is suitable for everyone. In this article, we provide you with all the information about the app and a link to download a premium version of PowerDirector for free.

Top video editing application

If you have ever used video editing applications on your PC, you will certainly understand that such applications are often full of features. They will help you create impressive videos with leading technology. However, you may not always be able to sit beside a PC. That is the reason why you will need a useful and compact application on your Android phone. PowerDirector has all the cool features that any user needs to create a great video.

Download PowerDirector Premium Apk Mod for Android

Although PowerDirector is a free video editing application, it has surprised many people with its impressive features. That has been proven with huge downloads on many mobile stores around the world. With PowerDirector, users will experience many impressive features such as adding text, effects and output video with high resolution. All of the free features have satisfied many users. Besides, you will be more and more surprised by the PowerDirector Premium version. Premium version will need to pay to be able to use.

Simple usage

PowerDirector is easy to use for many users because it has a good design and intuitive interface. Many people will think that video editing toolbars will appear much. In fact, PowerDirector will still be easy for users who are familiar with video editing applications. Besides, PowerDirector has been very well optimized for mobile devices but it still retains good features. They are available in hidden bars for a neat look. If you are a good user, you will definitely find them quickly.

The key features of PowerDirector

PowerDirector offers a lot of advanced features to help users edit their videos professionally. Please see the app’s key features in the section below:

  • Adjust video speed: Lately, the trend is to slow down or fast forward videos to create special things. Many people have chosen expensive phones to get those features. However, PowerDirector will provide you with full features for free. Users can use this feature to adjust the speed fast or slow. This tool will use only by dragging the slider and you can also remove video audio or not.
  • Effects: To create special videos, PowerDirector will be a perfect choice. It has more than 400 free effects available in the store and many other advanced effects for you to choose from. Besides, the app also provides many impressive motions.
  • Images and text: This is a great combination of videos and many other things like images and text. You can caption your videos with funny text or images with relative content, which you cannot record. Those things will contribute to creating an interesting video for users.
  • Insert and extract audio: Audio is indispensable in any video. At the moment, PowerDirector has great tools to help users have a strong interference on audio files. It allows users to directly add audio files through voice recordings while playing the video. If you want to get audio from another video to add to your video, PowerDirector will also support you to split audio and merge into your video.
  • Detailed instruction: Using PowerDirector will not be too complicated. However, if you are a new one, you will certainly encounter many problems. It will take you time. Now, users only need to watch tutorial videos to quickly get acquainted to the app’s tools and features. These instructional videos are available in the application so that users can watch them anytime.
  • Export and share videos: After completing all video editing on the application, users can export videos into authorized files. There are many options for you to export your video, such as resolution, frame rate… so you can choose to suit your needs. After that, you can choose to save the video on the phone’s memory or share it directly on social networks.

Download PowerDirector Premium Apk Mod for Android

What’s in the PowerDirector Premium version?

PowerDirector includes two versions, including free version and paid version. Many users will be interested in the paid version’s features. They are more advanced. First, you will be able to export videos with a maximum resolution of Ultra. Also, users will remove Watermarks from your videos. Moreover, the paid version supports you to remove the advertisements for a better experience. In addition, many advanced packages for effects, writing, and images are provided.

Configuration requirements

For PowerDirector to work smoothly on mobile, you also need to pay attention to the configuration of the device. A too weak device will not guarantee PowerDirector Premium can output high-quality videos. Therefore, you need to prepare a good enough phone running Android 4.3 or higher with at least 2Gb of RAM. Also, your device needs a Snapdragon S4 or higher Chip, Exynos 5250 or higher, Tegra 3 and above, MediaTek MT8125 or higher.

Download PowerDirector Premium Apk Mod for Android

How to download and install PowerDirector Premium for free?

To download PowerDirector Premium for free, users need to download the APK file at the end of this article. It is a modified APK file, which unlocked all the advanced features of the application. We have thoroughly tested and confirmed that it is safe with your phone. Please go to the end of this article and click on the link to start downloading this app. After that, you can refer to the installation steps below:

  • Click on the APK file and select “Install” to install
  • Your device may ask for permission to install from an unknown source (if not, skip this step). Please agree with that.
  • Go back and complete your installation.


Today’s phones can produce quality videos with extremely high resolution. PowerDirector is such a great app on the mobile device. It has all the necessary features for users to make the most impressive videos. At the moment, readers can download PowerDirector Premium for free at the link below. Do not forget to follow our blog regularly to update the latest versions of the app and other interesting products. Thanks and have fun!

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