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Nowadays, mobile phones have been designed with a quality camera, which can take sharp pictures. However, many people want to keep the old photos, which were captured for keeping the memories. They were usually taken with old phones. Those photos may be very blurry compared to the current products. To restore and sharpen these photos, we would like to introduce to you a great application called Remini – photo enhancer. It is developed by Remini for mobile phones. Please join us to see its highlights in this article!

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What is Remini – photo enhancer?

Remini is a photo application, but it does not specialize in image editing like many other applications. Instead, it enhances the online image editor. Remini – photo enhancer uses advanced AI reproduction technology to recover old photos and videos for users. There will be tens of millions of images with low resolution, blurred, and damaged… have the opportunity to be restored.
To use Remini – photo enhancer, we will need to register for an. Its toolkit is not as complex as many other photo editing applications. Thereby, the process of using it will be extremely simple. You just select your photo or video and the app will do the rest. After that, you will get a better product that you can be viewed on modern devices.

The key feature of Remini – photo enhancer

Improve image quality

This is the leading feature of Remini. It helps users to improve the quality of their photos. In which, it includes Enhancer for general users and Enhancer + for advanced users. Besides, users will be able to use the Selfie + feature to take photos on devices and continue to improve blurred photos.

Image editing

In the Discover section, users can also explore some other features related to other image enhancements. First, you can redraw the old photos in a special way. Next, the Blink feature will help photos look more playful with smiles. Finally, the Scratch Fix feature will help you fix the bugs on the faded photos.

Improve video quality

This feature is one of the new features in Remini – photo enhancer from the latest update. Also, it is quite similar to improving image quality. At this point, users can use it to improve the quality of videos that was recorded by old devices.

Download Remini - photo enhancer Pro Apk Mod for Android

What’s in Remini – photo enhancer Pro?

Remini provides two options for users, including the free version and the Pro version. In the Pro version, it will surely get more attention from the users with full advanced features. However, you will need to pay about $ 4/month to use the features of Remini Pro. In return, users will get more features such as Enhancer + unlimited number of processing times, no ads… Remini Pro will be a perfect choice for you.


Overall, Remini – photo enhancer is a simple but great application. It has many advanced features and efficiency for users. With the app, your low quality photos will have a chance to appear prominently again. It will help you to keep happy memories for longer. Do not forget to visit our Blog regularly to download the latest version of Remini – photo enhancer and many other interesting applications. Thanks and have fun!

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