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Stay Focused MOD APK v7.7.3 [Premium]

Stay Focused: App/Site Blocker
App Name Stay Focused: App/Site Blocker
Latest Version v.7.7.3
Last Updated
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Productivity Productivity
Size 9.42M
Mods Premium
Google Playstore

5 Rating (122) Votes

5 Rating (122 Votes )
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Are you tired of being constantly distracted by your smartphone? Do you find it difficult to stay focused on your goals? If so, then Stay Focused MOD APK is the ultimate solution for you. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, this app will help you regain control over your screen time, increase productivity, and achieve self-control like never before.

Introduction Stay Focused MOD APK

Stay Focused MOD APK is a feature-packed app that serves as both an app blocker and website blocker. Designed to enhance your productivity and self-control, it provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you stay focused on your tasks and goals. Whether you want to limit social media usage, reduce screen time, or eliminate distractions, Stay Focused has got you covered.

Features Stay Focused MOD APK

App and Website Blocker

Stay Focused MOD APK allows you to block specific apps and websites that tend to distract you the most. By setting up restrictions, you can keep reminders and notifications off, ensuring that you stay focused on your work or studies. Whether it’s social networking sites, messaging apps, or any other time-consuming platforms, Stay Focused empowers you to take control of your digital life.

Usage Stats and Time Tracker

With the built-in time tracker, Stay Focused MOD APK provides detailed usage statistics to help you gain insights into your mobile habits. You can monitor the amount of time spent on each app or website, allowing you to identify areas where you need to improve your focus. This feature enables you to make informed decisions about which applications or sites you should limit or eliminate from your daily routine.

Screen Time Control

Stay Focused MOD APK gives you the ability to set limits on your overall phone usage. By defining screen time tracker limits, you can organize quality time for yourself, your work, or your family. This feature helps you strike a balance between your digital life and real-life commitments, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters.

Strict Mode

Activate the strict mode in Stay Focused MOD APK to lock your profile and improve self-control. This powerful feature ensures that you remain productive and focused by preventing any changes to your settings. With strict mode enabled, you won’t be able to override the restrictions you’ve put in place, making it easier to stay on track with your goals.

Alerts and Usage Timer

Stay Focused MOD APK allows you to disable alerts and set usage timers to help you focus and be more productive. By managing your phone usage effectively, you can improve your productivity through effective time management and reduce distractions. The usage timer enables you to customize specific time limits for mobile usage, ensuring that you allocate your time wisely.


In today’s digital age, staying focused and maintaining control over our screen time has become increasingly challenging. However, with the powerful features of Stay Focused MOD APK, you can regain control of your productivity and achieve your goals. By blocking distracting apps and websites, tracking your usage, and setting strict limits, this app empowers you to take charge of your digital wellbeing and eliminate phone addiction. So, unlock your peak productivity and download Stay Focused MOD APK today!

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