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Mobile phones were originally developed to communicate and exchange information among people. Over the years, the phone has improved with many new features, but its main features are still well completed. However, the basic application to serve those features seems very boring. It is the main reason why users are not very interested in. Today, we would like to introduce a great application that brings the enjoyment of texting called Textra SMS. This app has many advanced features with hundreds of interesting things to make it a perfect alternative to old boring texting app on Android. Please join us to check it right now!

Download Textra SMS Pro Apk Mod for Android

What is Textra SMS?

Textra SMS is the perfect messaging solution for Android users. This app was developed by Delicious – a popular developer of many mobile messaging applications like chomp SMS. Textra SMS allows users to completely change the messaging topics on their mobile devices. It creates a new platform that customizes the text color, size, style and many other things related to Android phone messages. The customization of Textra SMS is almost unlimited. Accordingly, users can upgrade the messaging experience with Textra SMS. Besides, users will get a more satisfactory experience on their Android devices.

Simple and intuitive texting

Textra SMS has simple usage. You can use it to apply directly to the basic theme of Android phones. As soon as you activate Textra SMS, you can use its advanced features. With just a few simple steps, users will be able to unlock a whole world of texting.

Typing, copying and sending messages

Textra SMS has many typing features that you may have on your messages. Users can choose many unique text styles and send your text to others in different sizes. Besides, you can add interesting emoticons, Icon, Sticker to your text. Also, users can copy texts anywhere and paste them into texting to send to everybody. Moreover, Textra SMS allows users to attach photos, audio, video files and more in messages. It will make your texting time more fun. A more interesting feature in Textra Pro is the signatures, which will appear automatically under your messages.

Download Textra SMS Pro Apk Mod for Android

Customize SMS your way

In Textra SMS, the most interesting part is that users have access to over 180 different topics in the system. They can quickly apply to mobile documents. Besides, a good and bright mode makes it easy to view and reply to messages at night or daytime. Accordingly, users can still set the automatic mode so that the app can switch over the modes according to the time of day. You can even get a better experience with an attractive text bubble style.

For users to enjoy the fun of texting, the app provides you with may messaging options. You can easily set up your messaging schedule for certain friends. Besides, Textra SMS also has many gesture controls that you can quickly access, such as sliding, calling, camera accessing and many other options.

Textra SMS for free

Textra SMS has a lot of great features but this app is currently free for all Android users. You can download it for free from the mobile store. The only problem with this free version is that advertising sometimes pops up during your use. This can be annoying for many users. At this point, the solution for users is to upgrade the free version to the Pro version. We will have the Pro version available right below.

Download Textra SMS Pro Apk Mod for Android

About Textra SMS Pro

As noted, we have the premium version of Textra SMS available in this article. You will not need to upgrade or pay to get it. However, not everyone has enough conditions to pay for this. Therefore, we share it for free as a basic APK file. You simply need to download the APK file with the link at the end of this article. After downloading Textra SMS Pro, you just need to install it as usual.

The app’s requirements

Textra SMS is a simple application so it does not require much for your phone. When you install Textra SMS Pro APK MOD, you won’t need to root your phone or anything else. In fact, all you need to do is download this app from our website and install it to replace your existing messaging app. After that, Textra SMS Pro will bring all the best features to your phone.


Overall, Textra SMS is a great app that has captured the hearts of many users. It has a simple design, intuitive interface and many advanced features. You can use Textra SMS Pro regularly to get more and more interesting messaging experiences on Android phones. If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have fun!

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