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Photography is a great feature that mobile phones bring to all users. However, taking photos on mobile devices will not be perfect. You still need professional photo editing apps to fix the blemishes on your pictures. Today, we would like to introduce you to a great photo-editing application named TouchRetouch. It is a perfect application to help you make your photos perfect. In this article, we will give you all the information about the app as well as provide the link to download it for free for your Android phone. Please join us to find it out right now!

Simple usage

When we mention photo editing applications, everyone will immediately think of complex tools, features and more. Sometimes, beginners won’t know how to edit photos. For TouchRetouch, it is completely simple. The app has only a few powerful features. Each feature is thoroughly researched for users to use. Also, new users will be carefully trained on how to use the application through the available tips. Besides, users can easily save and share your works to popular social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, twitter…

Download TouchRetouch Apk latest version for Android

Remove unwanted things

The most powerful and effective feature of TouchRetouch is the removal of unwanted things in your photos. This tool is similar to the “spot healing brush” tool in Photoshop on a PC, which has been strongly optimized to allow users to use their fingers to control everything. You can draw straight lines, circle objects, etc. to remove unwanted things. Also, TouchRetouch is extremely effective in removing facial blemishes in portrait photos. Users will quickly get a great picture without learning to edit in complex applications.

The great design

TouchRetouch is an application with a simple and neat design. A soft blue makes it friendly for all users. You just need to select the photo you want to edit. The tools will be organized intuitively on the screen. On the lower part of the screen, there are tools to help you edit and delete photos. On the upper part, it will be the other customizations of the application so that you can return to the main screen, undo the actions…

Download TouchRetouch Apk latest version for Android

Download TouchRetouch APK [Patched] for Android

TouchRetouch is a paid app on Google Play. Users who love the app will need to pay $ 2 to unlock this app. However, for users in countries where the application does not support or does not have a VISA card, it is difficult to download it. Therefore, we provide readers with a link to download TouchRetouch APK (Patched) for free. Please download the app at the end of this article.


Overall, TouchRetouch is an effective application for deleting unwanted objects. It is simple to use for everyone. We also bring a patch of this application in two languages ​​EN and RU. It was also deleted additional and well-optimized files for Android phones. We will regularly update the latest version of TouchRetouch APK in this article. Do not forget to rate and share this application if you find it useful. Thanks and have fun!

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