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The development of mobile technology has made phones more convenient and powerful. Only with default applications, most users can do many different tasks. ZAO is one of the most modern and effective applications in editing videos on mobile phones. It uses the most modern technologies and algorithms, allowing users to insert their faces into classic movies. In just a few days of launch, ZAO has climbed up the Chinese app charts. It is spreading all over the world. In this article, we give you all the information about the app as well as provide the link to download ZAO Apk for free. Let’s find it out right now!

Download ZAO APK for Android

How does ZAO work?

ZAO works like video editing applications. With the useful tools provided, users can edit the video at will. For normal applications, you can add effects or edit their colours easily. However, to change the images in the video in a different way, you need more powerful applications on your PC. But ZAO is a perfect application that focused on changing the faces of characters in videos. You can use it to put insert your face or others in videos without the need for editors on your PC.

Besides, ZAO application has been developed with intelligent AI for easy face recognition. Users can see them performing on world-famous movies. This technology can be called Deepfake so there will be many people looking for this application with the name ZAO Deepfake.

Download ZAO APK for Android

The key features

  • Simple editing: ZAO is a simple tool. It is not as complicated as the editors on the PC. You only need to use a finger to complete the work quickly.
  • Support many formats: The videos have many different formats that users can search on the internet. ZAO will support all formats so you can easily open and start editing them.
  • Efficiency and stability: ZAO works well with most mobile devices. You do not need a good phone to run it.

How to download and install ZAO APK for Android

ZAO is a free application for Android devices. You can simply download it with the link at the end of the article. Please make sure your connection is stable before starting to download it. Then, please refer to the steps below to install the app:

  • Uninstall old version on your device.
  • Allow installation from the unknown source: Phone settings – Security – “Unknown Sources”.
  • Click the ZAO APK file and select “Install” to automatically install.
  • Launch the application and log in to use.

Download ZAO APK for Android

How to login ZAO on Android phone

Currently, ZAO only supports Chinese. You need to be logged into this application to use it. So to use this application, you will need to log in to it with a Chinese phone number. You can follow the instructions below:

  • Open the ZAO application on your Android phone.
  • Get a Chinese virtual phone number from available websites such as (,…)
  • Enter the phone number and password and get the code. Your code will be sent to the virtual phone number on the website.
  • Log in to your application and use it.

Note: For users who want to get the English version of ZAO, you can use App Translator to translate this app. Download it here. (I will also put a link to download it at the bottom)


ZAO is a good and effective application for editing videos. It brings extremely interesting experiences. Users will enjoy the work immediately with videos. You can show off your special works to surprise them. Please leave your review if you find this app interesting. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting apps and games! Thanks and have fun!

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