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6ix9ine Runner MOD APK [Unlocked All Skins] v1.5.8

6ix9ine Runner
App Name 6ix9ine Runner
Latest Version v.1.5.8
Last Updated
Publisher Gamejam
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Music Music
Size 57.95M
Mods Unlocked All Skins
Google Playstore

5 Rating (542) Votes

5 Rating (542 Votes )
Price: $ 0

6ix9ine Runner is a new engaging music game from the developer Gamejam. This is also the developer of many simple entertainment games on Google Play. 6ix9ine Runner is a unique game, which is inspired by music games on modern gaming devices. At the moment, you can enjoy a lot of fun with an Android phone. Make sure you are eager to discover new features in this game. Please join us in this our article to find out the highlights of 6ix9ine Runner!

Introducing 6ix9ine Runner

The gameplay

6ix9ine Runner is a music game with familiar gameplay, which is close to songs. When you start the game, you will control a character to run fast on the track. During the run, the game will display many different colored boxes on the track. At this point, you need to control the character through the colored boxes then your character will cut the colored boxes to make them explode beautifully. When you blade the music notes, the sound is also played continuously to combine with the music in the game to create new melodies.

Besides, 6ix9ine Runner will only include 2 levels, consisting of Normal and Hard. They will use the same song store. Moreover, the challenge will be different only when the player experiences the game in terms of speed and challenges in these levels. However, this game is definitely not as simple and easy like running through the boxes. Challenges will increase as you run further on the track. The obstacles and the speed of the tracks will increase dramatically. At this point, players need to have quick reactions to get rid of them and finish the song. After that, you will receive bonuses from the game. Specifically, the rewards in 6ix9ine Runner will be Cash. You can use it to make any transactions in the game. More specifically, players will use these coins for unlocking different characters, weapons, and tracks. However, the bonuses are limited so you will need to accumulate and use them at right time. Besides, the VIP feature will make it possible for players to unlock everything. You need cash to be able to upgrade VIP packages by week, month, or year.

6ix9ine Runner Mod Apk Gameplay

The characters

In 6ix9ine Runner, the characters can transform into many shapes, such as mouse, shark, or human. All of those characters are designed in a fun and humorous style. Also, their colors are bright and beautiful. However, the characters only have decorative and beauty functions, so they do not bring any ability and power to the player. The number of characters in the game is not too diverse for players to choose from. But in the early stages of the game, it can still be enough for players to experience. Hopefully, the developer will update more characters to bring players more fun.


Also, weapons are particularly interesting in 6ix9ine Runner. The characters will use them to slash the colored boxes. These weapons bring a new feeling and laughter to players by their fighting style. In the game, there are many different types of weapons that you cannot imagine, such as a fish, a bone, a cotton swab… Like the character, weapons are also for decoration without giving any other ability or strength.


In 6ix9ine Runner, songs are necessary parts to make the game interesting. This game uses vibrant songs with a Rap / Hip-Hop style. They are all performed by top singers in the world with the highest sound quality. Besides, the songs will contribute to raising the player’s experience. You can use your headset to enjoy this game, which will help you enhance your concentration and win the game more easily.

6ix9ine Runner Mod Apk Android

Ranking board

In any game, it will be boring without the competition. 6ix9ine Runner is not an exception. It has added to the raking board to help all players compete with each other. The rankings are divided into several different sections. First, we mention the ranking by each game mode including Normal and Hard. In each mode, there will be different ranking sections, specifically:

  • Friends: This is the ranking on your friend list. At this point, players can connect Facebook to find friends)
  • Country: Ranking in your country and region.
  • Global: World ranking.

Also, the rankings will be statistical again by week. When a weekends, your ratings will be updated and changed. Only the top players can receive rewards.

Design evaluation

Overall, 6ix9ine Runner is a simple and lightweight game. It omits most of the complexity to be better suited for low-end devices. In the game, the controls are also extremely simple and easy to grasp. However, it will have outstanding colors and many fun elements. 6ix9ine Runner will be a fast entertaining game that is suitable for all ages.

Download 6ix9ine Runner MOD APK for free

Overall, 6ix9ine Runner is a fun game for everyone. It has many attractive features, intuitive design, and unique gameplay. Through this article, we brought you great information about 6ix9ine Runner. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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