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The developer Rockstar Games is a popular developer in the world. Many gamers have known about this company through the GTA game series. Their products talk about the underworld, violence and many other controversial elements. However, they skipped all the bad comment and made their games the best in the world. Today, we want to introduce to you one of their exciting games named Bully: Anniversary Edition. This game will continue to explore violence. But the game background will be in schools at this time. It will bring you to a mischievous school age such as objecting teachers, bullying others, flirting with school girls or some things you didn’t dare to do before. Please join us to check the game right now!

The game background

Bully: Anniversary Edition has a lot of changes compared to the GTA games that you have ever seen. As for the context of the game, it will be located in schools instead of streets. In which, you will meet many naughty students instead of the gangs as in other game of the GTA series, and many new things. Besides, the game allows you to take part in theoretical and practical lessons, which make you feel like you are at school. But those subjects won’t help you much in the game. Someone wonders if the change in context will make the developer Rockstar Games lose the GTA brand or not. The answer will be not. You will find that Rockstar Games has decided to expand the brand by creating more violent games.

Downlaod Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk data for Android

The story

After 10 years of being on platforms like PC, Xbox360, PlayStation 2…, Bully: Anniversary Edition is officially available on mobile devices. Surely, many players will be too familiar with the character Jimmy Hopkins. He is a naughty student, who had been stopped studying for 7 consecutive times. Jimmy Hopkins continues to become the focus of many people at Bullworth School because of his hot temper and thugs. To protect Bullworth’s reputation, teachers will try to restrain Jimmy Hopkins with rules and punishments. You will be tasked with being the most powerful student in the school and taking revenge on the guy who betrayed you, Gary Smith.

The gameplay

Bully: Anniversary Edition is an open world so players can freely travel and participate in any activities. This game can be considered a school version of GTA by allowing players to freely play. Besides, Bully: Anniversary Edition has diverse features. In which, you can engage in side quests, classes, mini games or chaos in school. Also, the game includes a lot of interesting activities for you to challenge classmates such as boxing, marathon and more. Gamers will get money if you win the bets. After that, you can buy whatever you like in the store. Also, Bully: Anniversary Edition offers a new multiplayer mode, in which you can challenge friends. There, players will face many bullies in classes with Arcade mini games. It can also be linked to lessons such as who is the best at solving English homework, etc.

Downlaod Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk data for Android

In Bully: Anniversary Edition, the control will be easy. The scroll buttons and buttons interact with in-game objects will help you play very well. Besides, the game also supports a wide viewing angle so that players can better observe and discover interesting things around the school. In particular, Bully: Anniversary Edition also supports saving game data on cloud storage so you can continue the game on any device without having to play the game from the beginning.

The graphics

Bully: Anniversary Edition is designed with quality 3D graphics. It has many similarities with the games in the GTA series. In this game, everything is drawn in detail and clear 3D animated American style. That brings a familiar look and a more natural feeling to the player. Although Bully: Anniversary Edition cannot compare to 3D games at the moment, its experiences are also very realistic. Besides, the game’s graphical structure has been upgraded very well compared to 10 years ago in terms of resolution, lighting, shadow effects and many other things. Bully: Anniversary Edition is still a perfect choice for gamers.

Download Bully: Anniversary Edition MOD + APK + Data for Android

Like many other Rockstar Games, Bully: Anniversary Edition will also require gamers to pay to download and play the game. You have to pay about $4 to buy the game on Google Play. It is a good price for you to get fun and features inside this game. However, if you are not ready to pay for this, you can download Bully: Anniversary Edition APK for at the end of this article. Because you have to download and install the game with the data file, so you should prepare enough memory and a stable network connection before downloading the game.

Downlaod Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod Apk data for Android

How to install Bully: Anniversary Edition APK with DATA on Android

If you have chosen to download Bully: Anniversary Edition for free by using the link in this post, installing it is not easy. Please see the installation steps below:

  1. Move the downloaded game’s OBB data file to the “Phone/Android/obb” folder.
  2. Extract that folder and you will get a big folder, go to the big directory and find the subdirectory named “com.rockstargames.bully”, move the entire subdirectory to the path in step 1.
  3. Navigate to the APK file and click to install.
  4. After completing the installation, you can delete the zip file to reduce device memory.


The time sitting in the school will be an unforgettable memory for many people. Bully: Anniversary Edition will help you return to that great time with many new experiences. You will no longer be a good student, but will incarnate into a special character with many crazy things. The game will also have many interesting features that make many players unable to take their eyes off. Besides, we will provide you with the mod version of the game named Bully: Anniversary Edition Free APK for free at the end of this article. Readers can download the game at the link below. Do not forget to visit our Blog regularly to update more new games and applications. Thanks and have fun!

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