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Housework is a complex task that requires people who work meticulously and patiently. However, many people love housework. So, many housework simulation games have also been developed and have received good support and appreciation from the gaming community. Cafeland – World Kitchen is one of the famous games of this genre. It was created and provided by the developer GAMEGOS for mobile devices. You will have the opportunity to clean, cook and run your small coffee shop for making it the world’s largest shops.

The gameplay

At the beginning of the game, the player will own a small cafe in ​the town. Players will do the job of a shop owner, who has to cook, serve customers… Initially, you will not have much money to hire employees and buy machinery. You need to gradually satisfy your customers and make the store’s reputation better. After that, you will have more and more money to expand your business and serve more customers. Besides, you can upgrade your store, buy more machines and hire employees. Players can also create many delicious dishes according to the recipes to satisfy the cooking passion. Also, players can visit other people’s shops in town to learn how to build and grow a store.

Download Cafeland - World Kitchen Mod Apk latest version for Android

Cook many delicious dishes

Cafeland – World Kitchen will help many cooking enthusiasts to fulfill their dreams. There will be many delicious dishes with popular recipes for you to choose from. You only need to prepare enough ingredients to be able to create the best food in the world. When you upgrade the store, you can make more dishes. Increasing the level of dishes also means they need more ingredients. However, they will help you earn more money and become rich quickly.

Dream coffee shop design

If you don’t like to cook, you can leave it to the chefs and focus on designing and building your store like a professional designer. Gamers will have a lot of works to do, such as choosing fancy decorations, fixing floors, walls and choosing the display in the store. The more your store grows, the more quality rooms you’ll have. You will serve VIP customers to bring huge profits and turn your store into a cheap 5-star store to capture the market share.

Download Cafeland - World Kitchen Mod Apk latest version for Android

Great design

Cafeland – World Kitchen is a game with modern and attractive design. The images are quality and diverse. Also, the characters in the game are shaped cutely, and they move extremely flexible and natural. Besides, Cafeland – World Kitchen also brings a lot of interesting effects in cooking, upgrading or building. They will make all players love to cook and decorate. However, the game also has quite limited viewing angles because of 2D graphics. Hopefully, the developer will improve this soon.


Overall, Cafeland – World Kitchen is an attractive simulation game for mobile phones. The game brings relaxation and lots of fun in taking care of and developing the stores. In this article, we will introduce you to the game’s modified version, which is Cafeland – World Kitchen Mod/Hack APK. It will provide you with many advanced features. Please download the game with the link at the bottom of the article and leave your review about it. Thanks and have fun!

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