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Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker
App Name Dark Sky Data & Storm Tracker
Latest Version v.3.3.0
Last Updated
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Weather Weather
Size 19.23M
Mods Premium Unlocked
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5 Rating (809) Votes

5 Rating (809 Votes )
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Weather is a problem that many people care about. It greatly influences your intentions for work, play, travel… You may always look for a great application that accurately provides weather forecasts for your plan. Therefore, we worked and found a great app to introduce to you. It is a new application in the popular weather forecast named Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather. It will help you make accurate forecasts of the weather up to the next 7 days of the week.

Dark Sky was developed and provided by The Dark Sky Company. It is not so popular as many other weather forecast applications because it is only popular in some countries like the United States, Britain, Ireland and Puerto Rico. Users in other countries will be very difficult to approach this application. However, this application is very interesting that you should try it to experience the attractive features. In this article, I also share information about it as well as provide you with a link to download and install Dark Sky Premium Apk. Let’s check it right now!

Dark Sky Premium APK Download

About Dark Sky

How does Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather work?

Dark Sky will use your network connection and GPRS to determine the user’s location on the map. You will see your exact location and weather reviews. Besides, Dark Sky will quickly provide weather information briefly according to the time of the day for your reference. Every 2 hours, there will be separate reviews to help users get reasonable planning arrangements. Also, Dark Sky provides weather forecasts for the next 7 days so that users can make a longer schedule. However, it will not be as detailed as the forecast for the day on TV. It is still worth considering because of its high accuracy.

What information does Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather provide?

The things that users need to know about the weather in a day will be diverse. Dark Sky will share you with full information. You can refer to those data below:

  • Temperature: You can know the actual temperature outside and will predict how you will feel when you are outside.
  • Wind: Current wind speed outside and wind speed.
  • Cloud cover: This parameter will give you the ratio of cloud covering the sun. The bigger this ratio is, the more cloud shadow for you.
  • Visibility: The vision will be quite important for those who are driving.
  • Humidity: This parameter provides you with the ratio of moisture in the air. It will help you evaluate whether it is right for you or not. There will be more information about Dew Pt.
  • Pressure: Air pressure will be something useful for those who want to go to the mountains of interest.
  • UV index: This index will help you assess the influence of sunlight on health. You should consider going out if this index is high.
  • Sunset: Dark Sky will show the time of sunset in the day. You will receive the exact time and countdown time.
  • Moon: Evaluate the moon’s shape at night. This is for those who want to watch the moon.

Dark Sky Premium APK Features

The key features

  • Accurate Information: Locating the user’s exact position then give you the exact forecast every minute. You will know a lot of details that I have provided above.
  • Map: Dark Sky provides a 3D map that simulates the earth surface. You can view it with 3D mode to track every place on the earth. With simple and easy zoom in/out operations, you will quickly observe the colours to know the changing weather of each area.
  • Notifications: Dark Sky allows you to create notifications when the weather changes. It will be like your timer. Notifications will appear if the weather changes abnormally in terms of rainfall, wind, sunshine, etc. Of course, it will make your plan more accurate.
  • Report weather: Sharing the weather at your location will make the application more and more complete. You can also share it so that other users can get better weather updates if they want to make a trip. This sharing will be community and very effective.

Should we use Dark Sky Premium?

Dark Sky Premium is a great version of the app worth using. The cost is only about $ 3/year, so you can experience all the advanced features. However, this app is only available in some countries. You won’t be able to find it on Google Play or pay for a premium package. Do not worry because I will bring you a perfect solution to help you get Dark Sky Premium. You just need to download the APK file in this article and install it to get all the premium features. Please proceed to the next section to know how to download and install Dark Sky Premium Apk for Android phones.

Dark Sky Premium APK Android

Download Dark Sky MOD APK for Android

Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather is a good application for everyone. It provides useful weather information so users can schedule their activities accurately. Besides, Dark Sky Premium with all the features will also be shared freely in this article. Please download and experience the features at the link below! Please send us your feedback for supporting us to do the better work! Thanks and have fun!

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