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App Name GoPro Quik: Video Editor
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Update September 16, 2023
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GoPro Quik: Video Editor is the most famous version in the GoPro Quik: Video Editor series of publisher GoPro
Mod Version 12.0.2
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GoPro Quik: Video Editor is a powerful yet user-friendly app that allows you to transform your GoPro footage into stunning videos with ease. With its automatic editing features, cinematic transitions, and music synchronization, Quik takes the hassle out of video editing and lets you focus on capturing and sharing your adventures. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an amateur enthusiast, this app will help you create captivating videos that truly showcase your experiences.

Introduction GoPro Quik: Video Editor

GoPro Quik: Video Editor is designed to simplify the video editing process and make it accessible to all users. With its intuitive interface and robust features, you can effortlessly turn your raw footage into polished videos that tell a compelling story. The app offers a range of tools and functionalities to enhance your videos, including automatic edits, highlight videos, unlimited backup, powerful editing tools, and more. Let’s explore these features in detail.

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Features of GoPro Quik: Video Editor

Automatic edits

With GoPro Quik: Video Editor, you don’t need to spend hours manually selecting and editing your best shots. The app uses intelligent algorithms to automatically curate your footage, choose the best moments, sync them to music, and apply cinematic transitions. This saves you time and effort while producing professional-looking videos that are ready to be shared.

Highlight videos sent to you – automatically

As a GoPro subscription user, you can take advantage of the cloud storage feature. While your GoPro camera is charging, your shots are automatically uploaded to the cloud. Once uploaded, the app creates stunning highlight videos and sends them directly to you. These highlight videos are meticulously crafted, combining the most exciting moments from your footage, making it easy for you to share your adventures with friends and family.

Unlimited backup at 100% quality

Quik offers a subscription plan that provides unlimited mural backup at 100% quality. This means you can store all your videos and photos without worrying about running out of space or compromising their resolution. For GoPro camera owners, the GoPro subscription offers an additional benefit – full backup of all your app media. This comprehensive backup service gives you peace of mind, knowing that your precious memories are securely stored.

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All your favorite shots in one spot

Managing your favorite shots is effortless with Quik’s private Mural feature. You can easily post your favorite shots to your Mural within the app, ensuring they’re always accessible and never lost in the chaos of your phone’s camera roll. This streamlined organization allows you to quickly find and revisit your best moments whenever you want.

Powerful editing tools

Quik provides a suite of powerful yet simple editing tools that give you complete control over your videos. The multi-selection timeline enables manual adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune each clip’s duration, apply effects, and add transitions. Whether you’re looking to emphasize action-packed sequences or create smooth transitions between shots, these editing tools empower you to bring your creative vision to life.

Beat sync

Adding music to your videos has never been easier thanks to Quik’s beat sync feature. It automatically synchronizes your clips, transitions, and effects to the beat of your chosen music or GoPro’s own selection. This dynamic synchronization enhances the overall viewing experience by creating an immersive audiovisual journey.

Speed tool

The speed tool in Quik gives you ultimate control over video playback speed. You can slow down specific segments to highlight intricate details or speed up footage to create a sense of excitement. Additionally, the freeze option allows you to pause a particular moment, emphasizing its significance. Experimenting with different speeds adds depth and creativity to your videos.

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Frame grab

Sometimes, a single frame from a video can capture a perfect still image. Quik allows you to extract high-resolution photos by capturing frames from any video. This feature is particularly useful when you want to highlight a specific moment or create captivating thumbnails for your videos.

Themes and filters

Quik offers a wide range of themes that help you tell your story with cinematic transitions, filters, and effects. These pre-designed templates add flair and style to your videos, allowing you to customize the visual aesthetic to suit your preferences. Additionally, the app includes exclusive filters optimized for various environments like snow and water, ensuring your footage looks vibrant and true to life.

Share to social

Once your masterpiece is complete, Quik makes it effortless to share directly to your favorite social media apps. With just a few taps, you can showcase your adventures to a wider audience, receive feedback, and relive those thrilling moments with friends and followers.


GoPro Quik: Video Editor is a game-changing app for GoPro enthusiasts and content creators alike. Its automatic editing features, unlimited backup capabilities, powerful editing tools, and seamless sharing options make it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to transform their raw footage into stunning videos. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or someone who enjoys capturing life’s adventures, Quik empowers you to tell your story in a visually captivating and engaging way. Download GoPro Quik: Video Editor today and unleash your creativity!

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