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War is the worst thing in the world. In human history, there were many great wars and fights, which caused a lot of damages for the human being. However, it also made lots of glory for the winner, who definitely had a good strategy and power. Based on these tactical elements, many exciting games are launched for smartphones. Today, I would like to introduce you to a special strategy game called Kingdom Wars. This is a very interesting game about the great battle to destroy the strong base of the kingdoms.

Kingdom Wars is a free game. But you will quickly realize that some high-end items in the game need to be paid to own. Some players will not want to pay for this or simply want to experience it before paying for the game. Therefore, we bring you a nice option that is to try a special version of this game named Kingdom Wars Mod Apk. Here, you can rule a rich kingdom with better troops, as well as experience more interesting features that are not available in the original version. In this article, I will give all the information about the gameplay, key features and direct link to download Kingdom Wars Mod Apk for free on Android.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK

The gameplay of Kingdom Wars

Tactical elements will be a key factor both in the real war and in the game. In which, you can participate in separate stages with the mission to destroy the opponent’s castle. You constantly use “food” to hire soldiers and level up so that they can fight for you. You should remember to use all your food to get as many soldiers as possible. Besides, your opponent will also be mischievous. They will also buy more soldiers to fight you. To win, you need to constantly create and changed tactics to meet the game situation.

The strategy is essential, but players should not ignore the upgrade of troops and fighting machines. You can check items to upgrade such as characters, castles and jewels. However, to upgrade well, you will need a lot of gold and diamonds. Moreover, diamonds will be difficult to obtain in Kingdom Wars. However, in Kingdom Wars Mod Apk, you will have lots of diamonds, which allows you to buy and upgrade your army better.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK

Key features of Kingdom Wars Mod Apk latest version

  • Many game levels: Kingdom Wars Mod Apk comes with a lot of difficult stages and challenges. Your opponent will also have very clever tactics that will make your game longer and more spectacular.
  • Diverse soldiers collection: There are more than 200 allies units and enemies, which bring richness and fun for the game. You can also transform into extremely unique Limit Break forms.
  • Treasure: When you win the kingdom, you will receive a lot of valuable treasure. You can collect them to trigger more optional effects and items.
  • Booster Items: Kingdom Wars Mod Apk brings 6 different types of Booster Items to support players. You can use them to increase the effectiveness of your battles. It also contributes to creating your own tactics.

How to get lots of diamonds and money in Kingdom Wars Mod Apk

There are many versions of Mod Apk that will have available money and diamonds for players to use. However, in Kingdom Wars Mod Apk, you need to make some purchases so your diamonds and gold can grow quickly. When starting the game, you will receive 100 diamonds. You have to quickly click on the coin item next to the diamond in the top right corner and see a table of options for using diamonds to buy gold coins. In which, you can use 100 diamonds to buy 40000 gold. At this point, you will receive an additional 40000 gold and 100 diamonds. Just do that, when you continue buying it, your diamond will increase quickly. You can choose to buy other packages so that your diamonds and gold increase more.

Kingdom Wars Mod APK

How to download and install Kingdom Wars Mod Apk (Money) for free on Android

Kingdom Wars Mod Apk will not be available on Google Play. Therefore, we will share the free download link with you. However, you will need to download this game manually via the direct link that we provided. You can scroll down to the bottom of this article and click on the link available to download Kingdom Wars Mod Apk. Before starting the download, you need to make sure the network connection is stable in order to avoid an unsuccessful download. After obtaining the APK MOD file of this game, you can refer to the steps below to install the game.

Steps to install Kingdom Wars Mod Apk:

  1. Remove the old version of the game on your device.
  2. Allow the installation of games from unknown sources. Go to phone settings – Security – Turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Back to the downloaded folder of Kingdom Wars Mod Apk and click the APK file of the game to start the installation.
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete and enjoy the game.


Kingdom Wars is a unique tactical war game genre. However, it is designed with simple 2D graphics but still good enough for enjoying the great battles. Kingdom Wars Mod Apk is a special version that we want to share in this article. With lots of outstanding features and bring lots of money for players, I hope you like Kingdom Wars Mod Apk. If you are interested in this game, please pin our article to update the newest version. In addition, you can go to our Blog to find more attractive Mod APK games. Thanks and have a fun game!

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