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Dungeons are dark places without light, which is the place of the dark forces. Many hideous and evil creatures want to rule the world. Only the brave knights can bravely go to these dungeons to defeat the dark. You may only hear those knights through the legend. Nobody can see that activities. However, it make the people curious, which has greatly inspired game developers. GameCoaster is such a popular game maker in Korea, which has the most interesting game in this topic named Dungeon Maker. This game will bring you to the chaos world, in which you have to go through dangerous adventures and fight a lot of dangers. Please join us to see its highlights right now!

The story of war

Dungeon Maker is a story about the life of demons in dungeons. In which, the Dark Lord is the ruler of all creatures in dungeons and caves. They want to live a peaceful life in dungeons without affecting the outside world. But that would not be possible because the human knights always sought glory and victory. They were forced to attack the dungeons until the dark lord was completely defeated. Although he did not want a meaningless war, the dark lord had to gather his army to counter-attack the knights. From here, endless wars broke out.

Download Dungeon Maker Mod Apk for Android

The interesting strategy game

Dungeon Maker is a classic turn-based strategy game. In which, gamers have the role of the dark lord who summons soldiers to protect the dungeons. The battle map has a size of 3×4 including 12 squares. In the battle, the knights will travel in a long line to fight the dark lord. You will need to summon monsters, set traps to stop them. Your choice of monsters, traps and the way you place them are all based on your tactics. There will be no tutorial or lineup to help you win every match. Gamers need to accumulate experience after each defeat and try again the next time to win. Besides, the difficulty of the game will be gradually increased with stronger enemies. Meanwhile, you need to find ways to collect and upgrade more monsters.

Unlock monsters

In Dungeon Maker, players can collect and unlock monsters. This is the biggest fun for every player. You need to collect their eggs to hatch until you will get new types of monsters. Some of the dark lords that you can choose are Elizabeth, Lilith, Rebecca, Emma.​​.. Each of them will have different special abilities to fight. So, you should study the lords carefully and put them into appropriate tactics.

Download Dungeon Maker Mod Apk for Android

Unique design

Dungeon Maker is a good strategy game for mobile phones. It will not choose a quality graphic like many other modern games. That was shown by a classic Pixel 2D graphics. In the game, players will follow the battle from a top-down view, which is similar to observing a chessboard. It brings a familiar feel to the classic game. Also, Dungeon Maker’s design did not follow the modern feature but it was very special and addictive for players.


Dungeon Maker is a great game that gives you a new perspective on the strategy genre. In the game, you play the villain to protect the dungeons. It is a new experience that you should not miss. Dungeon Maker requires gamers to pay to download. That will make it difficult for many players. Therefore, we will provide a good solution, which is Dungeon Maker Mod APK for free. Gamers can download and enjoy the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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