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League of Legends: Wild Rift
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5 Rating (404 Votes )
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League of Legends (LoL) is a familiar game for many players around the world. Even those who have never tried it, they will surely hear the name and the scale of the tournaments. This game requires not only personal skills but also great teamwork. Players will have to coordinate with teammates in tactical 5vs5 matches. Recently, the LoL fan community has been interested in when Riot Games launched a project to develop the Mobile version of League of Legends. The game will continue to be built with the familiar MOBA style but on mobile devices. Let’s together see the exciting things Riot Games will do with LoL Mobile right now!

Introducing League of Legends

The story

League of Legends is a very long and mysterious story about the world of Renuterra. In this world, many different regions will raise as powers. Representatives of these lands will be warriors with special skills. They are representing the lands participating in the arena of justice for winning glory and honour. Each region will have a unique history and stories, as well as the heroes will also have stories associated with that land. Sometimes, they will also interact with heroes of other lands to create more attractive storylines.

The gameplay

League of Legends is the current leader in the MOBA genre on PC. So, the developer Riot Games will know how to make it the best on mobile. LoL Mobile’s gameplay will not have too many big changes in terms of the gameplay. The map will consist of 4 areas divided by 5 players including top, middle, assassin, supporter and bottom. Each player controls the position of the path and monsters in the area. You need to kill monsters and get gold coins to buy equipment. However, the equipment itself cannot help you win your lane. You need to know how to use the general’s skills and combine the combo to increase the damage.

After ending the preparation period, the two teams will enter the fighting phase. Both teams will mostly go together to fight big targets like dragons and barons. At this point, you will need to coordinate with others to shield and create damage. After that, you should aim for the bigger goals such as the opponent’s towers or soldiers. The match will end when one of the two teams being destroyed. The reward for the winner will be money, experience point and puzzle pieces. You can use that money to unlock the generals or buy costumes.

The diverse equipment

LoL Mobile brings a diverse equipment system. Items will add a lot of different stats. Players can pair small items to make bigger items with more stats. However, depending on the general that the player uses, it is possible to offer specific fighting styles. It will be a very important factor for you to win. However, the equipment will be updated continuously to create a balance in the game. You need to constantly monitor the news to know which equipment has been buffed or powered down.

Diverse heroes collection

League of Legends has many generals with diverse skill sets. LoL Mobile will definitely update all of them. Besides, LoL Mobile will have many heroes that can counter each other’s skillsets. Therefore, choosing the generals can also help you win the opponent during the battle. However, the skill of the player is still a key factor in determining your victory. You need to understand your hero, master the skills, moves and combos. This will require you to practice more and more.


League of Legends consists of 10 different lands where generals are born with the unique skillset. Each region will have its unique characteristics that I will mention for those who do not know can refer to.

  • Ionia: This is the first land of Renuterra, which is a giant island with beautiful nature and magic. The people live idealistically and seek harmony with the world. Ionia always keeps the neutral idea until the invasion of Noxus.
  • Noxus: This is an invasive and brutal empire. The society of Noxus is strangely closed. Noxians have always considered power is the best.
  • Demacia: This is Noxus’ neighbour. There are always wars going on between the two kingdoms. Demacia is a prosperous kingdom with glorious military history. It was created by refugees from magic after the ancient war.
  • Freljord: This is a land of addiction and a place of demigods. The residents are all born warriors. This is the only land in Runeterra that is covered by snow and ice.
  • Piltover & Zaun: These are the two cities that control the roads connecting Valoran and Shurima. This is where great inventions are made, as well as, there are always wealthy customers willing to pay for them.
  • Targon: This is a long mountain range in the Western part of the Shurima desert. Targon has the highest peak in all of Runeterra, which is almost separate from civilization. Only brave and willful people can pursue and reach the top of the mountain.
  • Shurima: This was once a prosperous civilization across the southern continent. But it was only a ruin after the fall of the holy emperor. Now, people only live in the desert.
  • Ixtal: This is a land of little known because it is deep in the thousands of years jungle. It is hardly influenced by outside. After the war of the ancient war, the Ixtals considered all other factions unreliable. They used magic to prevent any intrusions.
  • Bilgewater: The port city has no rules. It is home to monster hunters, gangs and merchants. This city will not have any rules. Besides, death is always lurking. But you can buy everything here.
  • Shadow Isles: Once a beautiful place but devastated by a magical disaster. Now, black mist always covers this island. Those dead people will be forever tormented and become part of the island.

Impressive design

LoL Mobile is developed with modern technology. It is built with high-quality images. The heroes will be reproduced in the most detailed way from the PC version. However, there will be some complex features removed to better suit the mobile platform. LoL Mobile will still have the function key layout similar to many other MOBA games today. Players can easily get used to this design. Also, LoL Mobile allows players to change different graphic levels to suit the device. You can play it even with medium-range devices.

Download League of Legends: Wild Rift APK for android

LoL Mobile is a great game that many players have been waiting for on the mobile platform. The game continues to bring the passion of many people to mobile devices. Now, you won’t need to sit by the computer to enjoy your favourite game. Please pin this article to be able to download the latest version of the game! Besides, readers can visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps! Thanks and have fun!

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