ActionShadowgun Legends: Online FPS

Shadowgun Legends MOD APK v1.3.3 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, God Mode)

Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS
App Name Shadowgun Legends: Online FPS
Latest Version v.1.3.3
Last Updated
Publisher Deca_Games
Requirements Android 6.0 Android 6.0
Category Action Action
Size 1.1 GB
Mods Menu, Unlimited Ammo, God Mode
Google Playstore

4.4 Rating (478) Votes

4.4 Rating (478 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Multiplayer online games, RPG shooter with PvP, Co-Op and Epic story campaign
    • Mod Menu
    • Unlimited Ammo


Dive into an epic narrative campaign, engage in competitive PVP, join forces in cooperative multiplayer, and explore an innovative social hub, all within the realm of a first-person shooter (FPS) game! In the futuristic world of Shadowgun Legends, humanity faces a deadly invasion from extraterrestrial forces. The last line of defense comprises Shadogans, mythical warriors and heroes. As a recruit guided by Cadogan, you have the power to turn the tide of war. So, why hesitate? Join the battle and assert your dominance across the galaxy! Immerse yourself in PVP multiplayer battles, choose your role as a cop or a lone wolf, and forge new friendships in this acclaimed FPS RPG multiplayer game. Discover a vast array of guns, armor, emotes, and stickers in the ongoing battle between humans and formidable aliens. Whether engaging in intense battles, unwinding in the pub, or collecting legendary loot, Madfinger Games has consistently pushed the boundaries on mobile devices. Proudly presenting console-quality FPS, the latest addition is Cadogan Legends—a constant world shooter experience that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Shadowgun Legends Mod Apk: A Brief Overview

Shadowgun has stood the test of time, existing seamlessly on both PC and mobile platforms. Over the years, it has maintained its allure as an action-packed game. The initial Shadowgun version received commendable reviews, thanks to its captivating graphics, engaging gameplay, and top-tier design. However, the subsequent versions faced challenges as updates and improvements lagged behind, leading to Shadowgun’s inferiority compared to contemporaneous games. In the ever-evolving landscape of game development, Madfinger Games answered the call for the destiny of Shadowgun. Players can now delve into revamped games that deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

A Plot with Profound Depth

Shadowgun Legends unfolds a science fiction saga, primarily centered around the battle between warriors and monstrous creatures. The game kicks off with a skirmish between players and the denizens of a perilous base. Players are introduced to the game’s controls and provided with a character customization screen where they can choose individual styles, hair, and skin color. Thus begins the journey of authentic space warriors. Within a bustling city in space, players will encounter Slade, sign a contract, and embark on their journey as a Shadowgun. The mission involves battling creatures, embarking on space mining quests, and returning to the city for relaxation and interaction with other players.

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A Flawless FPS Experience

Shadowgun Legends stands as a genuine FPS shooter with role-playing elements. Madfinger Games has seamlessly incorporated engaging storytelling, improved graphics, and new features into the game. Tasked with completing missions, players will discover unfolding features that add to the game’s inherent appeal. The qualities of an FPS game are perfectly executed in Shadowgun Legends. The controls are optimized for smooth operation, akin to other games in the sports genre. Shadowgun Legends brings an array of weapon systems to the table, enhancing the character’s power in true role-playing fashion. With hundreds of weapons and armor options, players can collect equipment, components, and items through missions, stores, and upgrades, bolstering their combat prowess.

Multiple Play Modes

The game boasts various play modes, with the story mode being a standout feature. Players can engage in constant battles under assigned missions. Expected modes include PvP skill versus boss encounters with rewards, as well as skill competitions with other players. Each game mode promises a unique and thrilling experience.

Graphics Deserving of Acclaim

Deservedly, Shadowgun Legends stands as one of the best games with top-notch graphics, rivaling even the renowned Modern Combat Versus. Developed on the Unreal Engine, Shadowgun Legends introduces a new level of sophistication to the science fiction genre. The game’s details are so authentic that players might mistake it for a PC game. Character movements are seamlessly executed, complemented by explosive fire effects. The graphics optimization ensures smooth gameplay, even on mobile devices. Shadowgun Legends offers a lag-free experience, making it a visually stunning and immersive adventure.

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Requiring up to 1 GB of installation space, Shadowgun Legends MOD APK emerges as a superhero in the art of gaming that cannot be overlooked. With exciting role-playing features, compelling gameplay, and multiplayer modes, Shadowgun Legends is destined to be a hot game in the near future. Launched for free by Madfinger Games, with support for both iOS and Android, it stands as a testament to the commitment to quality. Download the game below and experience the next level of FPS gaming.

Note: For the MOD APK version, download either the APK file or the OBB file (Unpack and copy OBB into Android/Obb/) to play the game.

Shadowgun Legends Mod Features

  1. Thrilling Story Campaign, Fully Playable in Collaboration with Friends:
    • Engage in an epic story campaign spanning hundreds of missions on four planets.
    • All missions are playable in collaboration with friends, making every mission a cooperative experience.
  2. Online Multiplayer Experience:
    • Join forces with friends to tackle giant enemy bosses for loot and glory.
    • Experience various PVP arenas and multiplayer game modes, ranging from casual to hardcore.
    • Challenge friends in 1vs1 duels or team up in 4vs4 game modes for the ultimate PVP experience.
  3. 600+ Weapons, 60+ Unique Armor Sets, Fully Customizable:
    • Choose from over 600 weapons, including Heavy Machine Guns, Sub-Machine Guns, Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers.
    • Customize your character with 60+ unique armor sets, paints, skins, decals, and more.
  4. Unique Reward System:
    • Get rewarded based on your actions in the game with a unique popularity system.
    • The more famous you become, the greater the world reacts to your actions.
  5. Innovative Social Hub:
    • Interact with other players, accept missions, and form guilds in the constant social hub.
    • Chat with friends, create battle squads, and immerse yourself in the vibrant gaming community.
  6. Perfect FPS Experience:
    • Shadowgun Legends seamlessly blends FPS shooter elements with role-playing features.
    • Engaging storyline, top-tier graphics, and continuous improvements elevate the gaming experience.
  7. Optimized Graphics:
    • Utilizing Unreal Engine, Shadowgun Legends boasts stunning graphics, rivaling PC games.
    • The game’s details are meticulously crafted, ensuring a visually authentic experience.
    • Smooth character movements and explosive fire effects contribute to an immersive gameplay.
  8. Multi-Mode Gameplay:
    • Dive into various game modes, including story mode, PvP skill battles, boss encounters, and skill competitions with other players.
    • Each game mode offers a unique and thrilling experience.
  9. Free-to-Play:
    • Shadowgun Legends is available for free, offering an expansive gaming experience without cost.
    • Game support for both iOS and Android platforms ensures accessibility for a wide audience.
  10. Console-Quality FPS on Mobile:
    • With Madfinger Games’ commitment to pushing boundaries, Shadowgun Legends stands as a console-quality FPS experience on mobile devices.
    • Take the hardcore gaming console experience with you anywhere, thanks to Shadowgun Legends.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Shadowgun Legends MOD APK delivers a groundbreaking and immersive gaming experience, combining the best elements of FPS and RPG genres. Download the game now and explore the futuristic world, engage in thrilling battles, and become a legendary space warrior!

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  • Greetings Legends! The team has been working to improve your Shadowgun experience. - Fixed Verification Email button not appearing in Options - Under the hood improvements and upgrades - Bug fix for a Shop issue Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the update! Happy hunting!

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