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Moises: The Musician's App
App Name Moises: The Musician's App
Latest Version v.2.16.0
Last Updated
Publisher Moises Systems
Requirements Android 4.4 and up Android 4.4 and up
Category Music & Audio Music & Audio
Size 204.92M
Mods Premium
Google Playstore

5 Rating (961) Votes

5 Rating (961 Votes )
Price: $ 0

Moises is a popular music streaming app that has gained a significant user base due to its unique features. It allows users to create and share playlists, listen to music offline, and much more. To enhance the experience further, there is a modified version of the app called Moises Mod APK that unlocks premium features without any charges. In this article, we will explore the various features offered by Moises Mod APK and discuss its benefits, risks, and alternatives.

Overview of Moises Mod APK

Moises Mod APK is the modified version of the original Moises app that provides users with access to all the premium features completely free of charge. By using this modded version, users can export high-quality audio files, process longer songs, and remove the watermark that would be present in the standard version.

Moises leverages advanced AI audio separation technology to easily extract vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano, and other instruments from any song. This gives users tremendous flexibility in manipulating individual components of a track and opens up endless creative possibilities.

Moises Mod Apk 1

Features of Moises Mod APK

Moises Mod APK comes with several exciting features that give users an enhanced music streaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

Unlimited skips

Unlike the regular version of Moises, the mod apk allows unlimited song skips. This means you can skip as many songs as you want without any waiting time. Whether you’re in the mood for exploring different tracks or looking for specific songs, unlimited skips offer greater flexibility and convenience.

No ads

One of the most frustrating aspects of any free music streaming app is the presence of ads that interrupt your listening experience. However, with Moises, you can enjoy ad-free music. Say goodbye to those annoying interruptions and immerse yourself in uninterrupted music sessions.

High-Quality audio

With Moises, you can elevate your listening experience with high-quality audio. Experience music in its purest form, appreciating every beat and note with clarity. Enjoy your favorite tracks like never before with premium sound quality.

Export songs

Another fantastic feature of Moises is the ability to export songs directly to your device. This allows you to listen to your favorite tracks even when you’re offline or don’t have an internet connection. Take your music wherever you go and never miss a beat.

Sleep timer

If you enjoy falling asleep to soothing tunes, Moises has got you covered. The sleep timer feature allows you to set a specific time duration after which the music will automatically stop playing. This way, you can peacefully drift off to sleep without worrying about the music continuing throughout the night.

Moises Mod Apk 2

Benefits of Using Moises Mod APK

Using Moises Mod APK offers several benefits that enhance your music streaming experience. Let’s explore these advantages:

  • Saving money on Premium features: By using Moises, you can access premium features without paying any additional fees. Enjoy unlimited skips, ad-free listening, high-quality audio, and more, all for free.
  • Ad-Free music listening: Ads can be disruptive and take away from the enjoyment of your music. With Moises, you can bid farewell to those pesky interruptions and indulge in uninterrupted music sessions.
  • High-quality music experience: The mod APK enables you to listen to music in high quality, allowing you to appreciate every detail and nuance of your favorite tracks.
  • Offline listening: Exporting songs to your device through Moises lets you listen to your favorite music even when you don’t have an internet connection. Say goodbye to buffering issues and enjoy music on the go.
  • Controlled listening time: The sleep timer feature helps you manage your music playback time. Set the timer according to your preferences, and let the music fade away gradually as you fall asleep.

Considering these benefits, it’s clear that Moises MOD can significantly enhance your music streaming experience without requiring any financial investment.

Advantages Moises Mod APK vs. traditional audio editing software

While traditional audio editing software has been the go-to choice for professionals, Moises offers a unique set of advantages that set it apart:

  • Ease of use: Unlike complex software with steep learning curves, Moises is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to beginners and experts alike.
  • Automation: The app utilizes advanced algorithms that automate various tasks such as vocal isolation and noise removal, saving users significant time and effort.
  • Portability: Moises is available on both mobile and desktop platforms, allowing users to edit audio files on the go without compromising quality.
  • Music production: Moises allows you to isolate vocals from the original track, giving you the ability to add your own instrumentals or experiment with different arrangements. This opens up a world of possibilities for aspiring musicians and producers.
  • Podcast editing: With Moises, you can easily remove background noise, enhance voice clarity, and even adjust the pace of speech, resulting in a professional-sounding podcast that captivates your audience.

Moises Mod Apk 3


Moises is a revolutionary music editing app that empowers musicians, producers, DJs, and music enthusiasts to create stunning remixes, mashups, and practice their favorite songs. With its AI-powered audio separation and a plethora of advanced features, Moises proves to be a versatile tool for anyone seeking to unleash their creativity in the world of music.

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