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Swamp Attack 2 is a great action game from the developer Hyper Dot Studios Limited. This game is considered a sequel to Swamp Attack but it doesn’t come from the same developer. In this version, players will still have the opportunity to meet the hero Joe in his cottage next to the lake. Specifically, you will together with this guy use different weapons to fight the ferocious and frantic animals around. Please join us to explore this game through the article below!

Attractive gameplay

Swamp Attack 2 still has simple action gameplay, which is quite similar to its previous version. The player will control his character in a house beside the lake. Your character will sit on a chair to attack rare animals, monsters, zombies that want to attack you. Besides, you can use a variety of weapons, such as guns, cannons and some other defensive items. The game will be divided into many different chapters, each of which includes many levels for you to overcome. In each game, monsters will attack in continuous waves. At this point, you can follow the situation at the color bar on the right corner of the screen.

Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK

Also, your weapon will never run out of ammo but it will need time to reload. However, you may be in danger during this short amount of time. You will need to prioritize shooting at the enemies that are approaching you before your gun runs out of ammo. If you win the game screen, you will get a star rating corresponding to the number of points you won. Besides, you will also receive prizes, such as coins or character pieces. Then, gamers can use their rewards to upgrade characters and weapons.

Characters and weapons

In Swamp Attack 2, players will not only meet Joe but also be able to see many other characters in his family. Each character will have a different shape with the ability to use their unique weapon. You can level up your characters with cards that you collected during the game. After leveling up, your character will be unlocked with more weapons and support tools for each level.

Also, weapons and combat support tools are diverse, such as rifles, shotguns, cannons. Each weapon also has its characteristics associated with the real version. In addition to guns, the player can also use many more support weapons to help you block attacks. At this point, you can create some defensive posts to stop the melee monsters or use grenades with stun effects, burn to slow the monster and kill them faster. Moreover, upgrading the weapon will also be an extremely effective way to help you achieve victory quickly.

The design

Swamp Attack 2 has a simple 2D design that is friendly to all users. It does not require a too good device to play the game. Besides, the image of the game is extremely high quality and sharp. It also has some interesting attack and explosion effects, which make it attractive to players. Also, the sound is not too varied but very suitable for you to focus on the gameplay. Specifically, you can focus more on the battles. Sometimes, you will hear sounds around the lake or a few roosters.

Download Swamp Attack 2 MOD (Money) for Android

Swamp Attack 2 is a fun entertaining action game, which will definitely attract many players soon. It has a lot of attractive features, bringing the best gaming experience to all players. Readers can download the game for free at the link below. Have a fun game!

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