ActionZombie Catchers : Hunt & sell

Zombie Catchers MOD APK v1.32.8 (Unlimited Money and Plutonium)

Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell
App Name Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell
Latest Version v.1.32.8
Last Updated
Publisher Deca Games
Requirements Android 5.0 Android 5.0
Category Action Action
Size 72 MB
Mods Unlimited Money and Plutonium
Google Playstore

3 Rating (2) Votes

3 Rating (2 Votes )
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Time to hunt, shoot down zombies & sell dishes to expand your alien business.


In the expansive world of zombie games, the focus often revolves around survival, requiring players to fight their way through hordes of the undead. However, if you’re seeking a refreshing departure from the cliché survival gameplay, Zombie Catchers beckons with its innovative and advanced approach. This Mod Apk stands out as a unique and captivating addition to the zombie gaming realm. Offering high-definition graphics, powerful music, and a fantastic gameplay experience, Zombie Catchers is an epic adventure that ensures you’ll never encounter the same living ecosystem twice. Developed by Deca Games, this game has garnered a massive global user base, with millions of downloads and a stellar 4.4-plus star rating. Zombie Catchers introduces a storyline that goes beyond the ordinary, where your task is to capture zombies and turn them into juices, subsequently building a thriving business empire. To add to the excitement, we present Zombie Catchers MOD APK, a modified version that not only provides unfair advantages but also amplifies the fun and enjoyment beyond what the official version offers.

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Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Zombie Catchers MOD APK represents the altered and enhanced variant of the official Zombie Catchers – Love to Hunt app. Our Mod Apk injects more fun and entertainment into the game than the official version. The developers have meticulously crafted this powerful and magical Mod Apk, unlocking unlimited money and coins, along with providing access to unlocked weapons and numerous premium benefits, all without spending a single penny.

Outplay Your Enemies

In Zombie Catchers MOD APK, two exceptional businessmen from different planets arrive on Earth with a unique social mission – to rid the planet of zombies and monsters. Meet A.J. and Bud, two cool individuals on a quest to make Earth zombie-free and build their business empire from zombie juices. You assume the character of either A.J. or Bud, with the objective of upgrading your juice production and business. However, catching and eliminating zombies is no walk in the park. Outsmart these energetic creatures with strategic brilliance, upgrade your weapons, and embark on a quest to locate zombie hotspots. Once found, you’ve struck gold for your business. Remember, zombies are bright and energetic; conquering them requires strategic thinking. With diligence, you can turn this planet into your business empire.

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Unlock Powerful Gadgets

In the world of conquest, weapons and intelligent gadgets are indispensable. Zombie Catchers MOD APK equips you with nets, weapons, guns, traps, jetpacks, and more to aid in your zombie-catching endeavors. As the game progresses, catching zombies with outdated tools becomes challenging. Fear not, as Zombie Catchers MOD APK provides access to a plethora of unlocked weapons, eliminating the need to spend a single penny on gadget and weapon upgrades.

Build Your Empire

To ascend to power in the game, a thriving business and substantial wealth are essential. Strategically plan your zombie hunts, create delicious juices, choco chips, candies, and delectable snacks from your captured zombies. Sell these tasty treats to hungry customers passing by your cafe. Don’t forget marketing; employ discount offers and design perfect ad banners to boost sales. Zombie Catchers MOD APK offers an invaluable lesson in entrepreneurship. Invent new recipes, upgrade your assembly and production line, and use unlimited money features to enhance your cafe’s interior and necessary elements, maximizing overall sales and profits.

Discover Mysterious Lands

The journey in Zombie Catchers MOD APK unfolds with incredible adventures. From locating zombie habitats to strategically capturing them, every step requires careful planning. Failure in your strategy could result in harm from these unpredictable creatures, so ensure proper protection. Venture into uncertain territories with your business partner for added security. As you capture zombies and sell their juices, explore diverse locations and discover various zombie types. The game map is vast, encompassing deserts, green forests, oceans, and more. When selling zombie juices, change your cafe location to maximize profits. Zombie Catchers MOD APK is your ultimate companion, assisting you at every turn.

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Final Verdict

Zombie Catchers stands as a legendary game, blending adventurous journeys, intense fights, and strategic business management. The addition of Zombie Catchers MOD APK enhances the gaming experience with numerous premium benefits at your fingertips. Bid farewell to intrusive ads and immerse yourself in this magical Mod Apk. Without further delay, download now and dive into the thrilling world of zombies!

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