Zombie Tsunami v4.5.99 [MOD, Gold/Diamond]

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

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Referring to zombies, many people will think of the hideous creatures that are dangerous and bloodthirsty. We hardly see them appear funny or cute. Today, we would like to introduce to you a very special game called Zombie Tsunami. This is an exciting game produced by Mobigame S.A.R.L. The game has creative and unique shaped zombies and addictive gameplay, which make Zombie Tsunami always attractive to all mobile gamers.

Zombie Tsunami has been released for many years and has had great support from many players. The game is completely free on Google Play. In this article, we want to share with you a more special version with a lot of interesting features called Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk. This version will unlock more special features for players. Besides, we are talking about Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk gameplay, key features as well as the download link.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

The gameplay of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk has a simple and quite addictive gameplay. This also makes most players love this game for many years. Instead of a common story that you will kill zombies and rescue humans, you will now control zombies to attack humans and turn them into a zombie team. The main task of the player is to try to create as many zombies as and to go as far as possible. Many challenges will be put in place to hinder your zombie team like cars, bombs, abyss,…

When you have collected more zombies, it is an advantage and also a disadvantage for the player. The advantage is that it will help you overcome some big obstacles such as cars, buses, planes, etc. You will always maintain a certain amount of zombies to avoid having to stop playing. On the other hand, you will also encounter a disadvantage that you have to control a large number of zombies. It is a bit difficult when they will easily be lost when they run through the dangers. But it is important that you maintain a reasonable amount of zombies to travel the farthest route.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

During the game, the zombies also get the help of a lot of superpowers, which help zombies transform and strengthen. You can see these features in upgrades such as Tsunami, Ninja, giant Zombie, dragon, player, balloons, UFO… In addition, you have to try to collect the coins gold. It is your own reward for upgrading and purchasing other interesting items in the game. Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk will bring you lots of coins and diamonds. This will help you not need to focus too much on collecting coins. You can also freely upgrade everything without worrying about the cost.

Key features of Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk latest version

  • Simple gameplay: In Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk, you will control all zombies with just one touch. The operations are quite simple. However, to keep the zombies going farther, you also need to have better control skills.
  • Abundant task system: The game also provides players with many difficult tasks to conquer, which makes the gamers always interested.
  • Rich in-game shop: The shop will be where players find almost everything needed in the game. You can check out various parts like objects, accessories, upgrades … You can use bonuses to shop and upgrade what you need.
  • Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk will help you connect with many other players and your friends. You can connect games to popular social networks to find friends and play with them to win and many other attractive prizes.
  • In-game events will also take place continuously daily and weekly. You can join events with challenges set by developers. Completing the events will allow you to receive valuable rewards.
  • Unlimited money and diamonds are what many players like at Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk. You can buy almost everything with money and diamonds. This will not force you to pay any fees.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk and how to install it for Android phones

Many players search for Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk. Sometimes, they will find fake websites, which will provide fake games with viruses and malware. We will share this game with safe operation version. Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk will be able to be downloaded in this article. You can find the link to download the game at the end of this article. If you are interested in this game and the next updates, you can pin post.

How to install Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk on Android phones:

  1. Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk at the end of our article.
  2. Uninstall the old version of this game on your device.
  3. If it is the first time to install the APK file manually, you need to allow the installation of games from an unknown source. You can go to phone settings > Security > Unknown source.
  4. Back to the downloaded game folder. Click on the APK file and accept the request to install.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete, you can open and enjoy this game right away.


Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk is a special game that allows players to explore another interesting aspect of zombies. The game also brings many other crazy things that you can hardly imagine. Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk is built with a simple 2D graphic but it has excellent HD image quality. It provides a great feature that is bringing a lot of gold and diamonds. This will definitely make you excited. Let’s downloading and enjoying Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk right now! If you have any questions or reviews about any game, please leave a comment below. Thanks and have a fun game!

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