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Torrents are probably familiar to many users around the world, which helps users share files at a high speed as well as download them quickly. BitTorrent is such a great application, which helps you download Torrent files the fastest. With technology integrated specifically for smart devices, it is being loved by many people. Besides, BitTorrent Pro has a lot of attractive features for users. You will probably want to discover interesting information related to this app. In this article, we would like to introduce to you all the information about the app as well as provide the link to download BitTorrent Pro for free and safe.

Download BitTorrent Pro Apk Mod for Android

How does BitTorrent work?

Torrents or BitTorrent based on the client – client principle of file sharing. It will collect data from many small bits of the main file from different sources then it will aggregate into a single file. Unlike the traditional way that users will choose from a single server “client-serverer”, Bittorrent will automatically collect and help people download files in the “client – client” style. This will greatly reduce the server load, increase the chances of a successful download, and reduce load time. At the moment, BitTorrent is available on smart mobile devices. Users can easily download heavy files to mobile devices.

How to download Torrent files from BitTorrent?

To download Torrent files in BitTorrent, you need to have the Torrent link to be able to download it. You can search for it on the Internet or in the application by clicking the search icon on the main screen. After you get the link, you can click the “+” sign to paste the link, keep clicking ADD to automatically download what you need to your device.

Download BitTorrent Pro Apk Mod for Android

The key features of BitTorrent Pro

  • Simple download: BitTorrent supports users to download everything simply. You can add Torrent links directly when you have them, Besides, you can search for specific keywords right in the app. BitTorrent will not limit the download speed and the size limit of downloaded files.
  • Easily store and access: BitTorrent allows users to store downloaded files right on the device. You can choose the folder to store quickly. Also, BitTorrent allows users to easily access your media such as videos or music files.
  • Power saver: Your battery-saving feature is activated when your phone battery is low. Besides, it has an auto-off feature to save battery and data. This app will automatically shut down when the download is finished and runs in the background.
  • Connecting to computers: BitTorrent provides features that connect to other devices. You can log in and connect to larger screen devices as well as can easily control everything.
  • Non-ads: BitTorrent has no ads. The application will be very clean and convenient so people can freely download the files they want.

Some disadvantages of BitTorrent that you need to know.

  • BitTorrent is often taken advantage of to share illegal files. This has greatly reduced its advantages.
  • The download speed depends on the Seeder (the uploader or the computer).
  • Risk of virus infection or unnecessary downloading of files. You need to choose sites that offer quality Torrent.
  • When you download a file using Torrent, your Internet bandwidth will be greatly affected.

Should we use BitTorrent Pro?

Currently, the need to download files from the internet is huge. Everyone should have one of the apps that support this. BitTorrent has some disadvantages, but it is still one of the most effective applications. However, BitTorrent Pro will require users to pay to download it. If you have a VISA card, you can download it right from Google Play. Besides, we provide you with a free version of BitTorrent Pro. You can download and install it manually.

Download BitTorrent Pro Apk Mod for Android

How to download and install BitTorrent Pro MOD APK for Android

In this article, we would like to share BitTorrent Pro Apk for free. You can download it manually with the link at the end of this article. Then, you can refer to the instructions to install this game quickly.

  • Uninstall old version on your device
  • Click the APK file and select “Install” to install the application. Your device may ask for installation from unknown sources. You need to agree with that and activate with the BitTorrent application.
  • Return to the installation interface and click “Install”.


BitTorrent Pro is one of the leading applications, which provides the perfect features and experience in downloading Torrent files. You can download files faster and simpler. Readers can download BitTorrent Pro for free at the link below. If you have any idea about the app, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting apps and games! Thanks and have fun!

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  • BitTorrent Pro MOD V6.8.0

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