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Carrom Pool (Disc Pool Carrom) is a very attractive board game from Miniclip manufacturer. This is a classic product that has appeared on many old devices, which has been popular in many countries around the world. This new version for smart mobile devices will be a perfect upgrade. Moreover, Carrom Pool is produced by a leading manufacturer like Miniclip. Certainly, it will make many people passionate about intellectual gameplay, beautiful images and many unique features.

There are many mobile games in mobile stores. However, games like Carrom Pool are very few. It has not been thoroughly exploited by developers. Now, players have a top game to be able to enjoy. You can easily see that the Carrom Pool has many similarities with another attractive game of Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool. In this article, I will share you with all the interesting information about the game as well as provide you with a link to download it for free.

Download Carrom Pool Mod Apk for Android

The addictive gameplay

Carrom Pool still retains its classic gameplay. Many people may not know how to play. When you start, you will be taken to a square board. However, there will be a lot of differences with a normal table. In which, the four corners will be four holes. Besides, there will be four bars near the four sides of the table so that the player can move the Strikers. In the game, the player’s main task is to move the Strikers and bombard the other troops on the board. You do not have to shoot randomly but there must be tactics. You need to shoot the pieces of the same colour that the match requires. The player who shoots all the troops into the hole first will be the winner.

In addition, Carrom Pool will need the accurate manipulation and control from the players. In which, you also need a lot of alignment and a little luck. Gamers can use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to move the Strikers. You can only move within a certain distance. To take a shoot, you hold the screen, drag and drop the Strikers. You need to aim in the right direction where you need to shoot to bring other troops into the hole. Carrom Pool follows a realistic physics of collisions so you can easily grasp their movement.

Download Carrom Pool Mod Apk for Android

The game modes

Currently, Carrom Pool offers three main game modes including Play Disc Pool, Play Carrom and Pratice Mode. Each of them will have a small number of interesting points that you can refer below:

  • Play Disc Pool: This is the most traditional mode with many famous venues such as Paris, Delhi, London, Dubai, Mumbai or New York. Each player needs to bet a certain amount of money before playing. The winner will get the full amount of the bet. Each different location will represent different bet levels that will be greatly increased.
  • Play Carrom: This mode is similar to Play Disc Pool mode on how to play and bet. However, there will be a small change in the game. Instead of 12, the Play Carrom table will have 13 troops. A red unit will be added to this table. You need to eat this red one before you eat your last unit. Remember that otherwise you will be overtaken by your opponent.
  • Pratice Mode: This mode will help new players practice and get used to the game. There will be 2 modes for you to practise and improve your skills. You will compete directly with smart AI. Feel free because if you lose, you won’t lose money.


Carrom Pool has two types of equipment, namely Strikers and Pucks. They not only make your match beautiful, but they also offer some special advantages for users.

Strikers: This is a special unit that represents each player. Each Striker will have three special stats including Power, Aim and Time. These stats will increase the player’s ability to win. Of course, these indicators are balanced so that no Strikers are the strongest.

  • Power: The strength of each shot.
  • Aim: The length of the aim guideline.
  • Time: The maximum time to take a shoot.

Pucks: These are units on the table for you to shoot. These troops will have nothing special except that they will change colour and style. You can buy them to make matches more interesting.

Download Carrom Pool Mod Apk for Android

Some other attractive features of Carrom Pool [Disc Pool Carrom]

  • Play with many people: Carrom Pool allows you to play with many opponents around the world. You can also connect to the facebook social network to meet friends and compete with them. You can even play this game even without a network connection.
  • Lucky Shot: Challenge your luck with free gold shooting and win many attractive rewards. Lucky Shot will be unlocked when you reach level two.
  • Ranking: Carrom Pool also has a ranking to statistics your wealth. You can review this ranking by language, friends, country or world.
  • Stores: This is the place to provide money packages for players. You can use real money to buy the money in the game. You will use them to bet, upgrade and shop many things in this game.

Download and install Carrom Pool Mod Apk for Android

Carrom Pool is for players who love intellectual games. It will be shared with my direct download link. You can scroll down to the link at the end of this article to download it. Make sure the network connection is stable during the downloading process. After that, you can refer to the steps below to install the game:

  1. Remove the old version of the game on your phone.
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources: Phone settings – Security – Turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Click the APK file and select “Install” to start the installation process.
  4. Wait for it to complete and enjoy.


Carrom Pool is a new and exciting game for Android phones. It offers hundreds of advanced features. There are tens of thousands of people playing every day. Join now to have entertaining moments! Do not forget to visit our Blog regularly for more great games and applications! Thanks and have a fun game!

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