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The survival game has been a trend in the world mobile game market. Any newly launched game has been getting a great welcome from the gaming community. So far, the attraction of these games has been somewhat reduced because so more and more games of this genre have been born. But there are still passionate developers who want to create quality survival games. Days After – zombie survival simulator is such an interesting game from the developer Alternativa Games on mobile devices. It provides more than what you expect of a survival game. Let us check it out right now!

The ruined world

In the game, people had made more and more violence, or even war, leading to the ruined condition for Earth. At that time, the creatures called zombies were created by dangerous people and created the largest genocide in history. Most humans died. Only a handful of survivors, including the character, still survive. Human civilization has been completely devastated, making survivors had to hide. Players need to survive in this world with their best efforts.

Download Days After Mod Apk for Android

Find ways to survive

In Days After, the gamer is one of the few people alive but still very dangerous in this world. Hunger, thirst and zombies always threaten their life. Players will need to control the character across the land and look for the remaining resources. Use a person’s existing skills to create tools and items for life. Each of the trips will be a dangerous challenge that requires great attention. Gamers can fight zombies but they should not face many zombies at the same time because they are very strong. Also, players can develop the shelter to connect with other players. Thereby, they can build powerful alliances to survive easier.

Diverse fabrication

In Days After – zombie survival simulator, the crafting feature will be a very important and typical feature for survival. Players can use resources to create valuable items. The game will have hundreds of items with different recipes. Gamers will gradually unlock these recipes through the levels. The higher the player’s level is, the stronger the craft will be.

Explore the vast world

Days After – zombie survival simulator has various mysterious worlds. Players can move to cross the land and explore them. Each region will have different levels of danger that players need to know and overcome. You will die if you enter any lands without good preparation.

Download Days After Mod Apk for Android

The great design

Days After – zombie survival simulator is a modern game, which has a friendly and beautiful design. In the game, the images are high-quality. Also, everything is extremely beautiful and detailed. Besides, Days After – zombie survival simulator also possesses many good effects such as the movement of trees, shadow effects and other lighting effects. The sound is also very simple with the natural silence. The player can clearly feel each footstep and battle sound of the character.


Overall, Days After – zombie survival simulator is a new game in the survival fighting genre. It provides many advanced features to help users get the best gaming experience. In this article, we provide the link to download the game for free. Readers can click the link below to download and install the game. Thanks and have fun!

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